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Events & happenings today in Berlin.

The city that is now so packed with fantastic events, great shows and brilliant happenings that even the most seasoned locals sometimes struggle to keep track of it all.
From secret shows in the famous clubs and sky-high rooftops to raucous, high-energy summer festivals and wild New Year’s Eve parties. We have listed a few events every day.

What’s going on in Berlin today?

At the beginning, a link overview of portals and newspapers that can be used especially for very current tips.

This is followed by 20 tips on events and attractions.

What are we doing in Berlin today?

What’s going on in Berlin today and this weekend? What upcoming events are there?

For our visitors, here’s some info on which amusements to visit currently and at the weekend [+insider tips].

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The nightlife that day and at the weekend.

Of course you can also visit the Ma Baker Party at the weekend.

For current information and tips, please read the corresponding online magazines and online pages of the daily newspapers.

Here are the most important ones listed and sorted.

Tip: A comprehensive guide to nightlife can be found here – The best beats in town:


The city also offers lots of parties and party series:

E.g. 80s parties, techno parties or ü30 parties.

Tip: Here is our party guide for celebrating and partying:


Where to go on New Year’s Eve?

Tip: The best parties, fireworks, the coolest locations for New Year’s Eve celebrations, away from the festivities at the Brandenburg Gate:

New Year’s Eve

Culture & Going Out

Berlin today is a great city with an enormous amount of events, the best events and dates in the areas of cinema, cabaret, shows, concerts, musicals, theatre and comedy are listed here.

Never miss a celebration again.

For the current programme and dates, take a look at the

The choice of spectacles is huge.

Here are our headings.

Festivals, big festivals, fairs, street festivals and open air concerts.

The amusement on offer here is enormous.

This guide serves as an overview, we have created another one:

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The most popular activities and tips.

In the metropolis you have unlimited possibilities.

You want to experience the extraordinary sides of the city, we have also included a few insider tips in the list.

Of course, you will also find the top sights here.

So let’s go to our categories:

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  8. Bars
  9. Currywurst stalls
  10. Skate routes
  11. Flea markets
  12. Christmas markets
  13. Improtheatre

Already planned today? You need more information about organisations and activities & information about two for one offers or other discounts, such as the Berlin Welcome Card.

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Events Berlin in general


Experience the diverse arcades and shopping streets during the open Sunday.

Cool shops and shops, individual stores, as well as shopping markets & malls in Berlin, Kurfürstendamm, Alexanderplatz or Schloßstrasse, no wish remains unfulfilled.

Let’s go into the colourful shopping paradise!

Tip: Our guide to open Sundays contains information about many shops in the city:

open Sundays

The seat of government has many nice corners for shopping?

Here are a few special shopping tips:


You want to discover cheap hotels.

How do I find the best ideal hotel for me?

Where can I book online quickly and securely?

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Have fun.

The events of today and tomorrow in the online city magazines

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Online magazines / city magazines: – The brand new weekend tips from the Senate portal, updated promptly.

Berlin events today.

gratis-in-b/brand-new – noteworthy dewy recommendations and dates posted by users themselves – free at this time.

visitberlin/tagestipps – The best daily tips from the current visitberlin calendar, from Monday to Sunday.

tip-Magazin – An important city magazine from the 70s with new tips every day.

Events Berlin Today

zitty – The second major weekly magazine of the 70s with up-to-date suggestions, online only since July 2020. – Germany-wide modern city magazine with contemporary tips. Also on weekdays Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday

himbeer-magazin – young city magazine for parents with children – with timely advice for children. – Events Berlin today. Where at present?

Tips on activities and things to do.

urbanite Magazine – What’s on at the moment? – a few quick tips from urbanite. – What’s going on in Berlin today? – dewy-eyed, contemporary suggestions. – What’s on New Year’s Eve – Where to go New Year’s Eve – Celebrate New Year’s Eve parties

Daily newspapers:

bz – What’s up?, that’s what the BZ says – very quick important live ticker.

Tagesspiegel – Modern News – The Best Shows – Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Bln Morgenpost – The moth, always up to date? Where to go in Berlin at the moment

Bln Zeitung – What’s going on in? News from the region.

Berlin tonight – magazines especially for nightlife

gaesteliste030 – Parties | Here you will find a daily updated listing of club spectacles. – Today’s nightlife in the evening, up-to-date, modernly prepared for young people, with many photos. – The Club Guide with lots of info on clubs, bars, parties & discos presents clubs and bars with techno, indie rock or live music.

Museums: History in the capital

More than 175 museums bring old and young history to life.

The metropolis houses the Pergamon Altar and is the exhibition site of world-famous art treasures such as the bust of Nefertiti.

Other sites tell the amazing story of the new seat of government.

The fall of the Wall, division and technologies are topics covered in the permanent exhibitions.

Tourists and locals experience history that comes alive in the museums.

Two museum tips that local people should not miss!

Pergamon Museum: World-famous treasures from antiquity

The famous Museum Island, located between Alexanderplatz and the boulevard Unter den Linden, is the site of several museums, all of which are worth a visit.

A highlight is the traditional Pergamon Museum, whose origins can be traced back to 1897.

The museum houses the world-famous Pergamon Altar discovered by Carl Humann.

Other collections shed light on antiquity.

Finally, visitors marvel at numerous exhibits created in the ancient Near East.

Hittite, Sumerian or Babylonian art is presented.

Currently, the building houses the Museum of the Ancient Near East and the Museum of Islamic Art, among others.

Website Pergamon Museum

New National Gallery: Modern Art in a Work of Art

At the Kulturforum, which is not far from the world-famous Potsdamer Platz, is the Neue Nationalgalerie.

The museum, which showcases 20th century art in an impressive setting, is housed in an impressive building designed by the world-famous architect Mies van der Rohe.

Already at the time of its opening, in 1968, the building advanced to become an architectural icon of classical modernism.

Famous works of art from this decade can be seen inside the special building, which impresses with its unusual architecture.

The pure presentation of German art is complemented by special exhibitions that can be seen in the glass pavilion.

Website New National Gallery

Swimming pools: splashing in the pool

Summertime, bath time.

Recently, the residents don’t always just go to the famous Wannsee, which is sung about in hit songs and pop songs.

Many locals visit fun and swimming pools located in the metropolitan districts.

People enjoy the refreshing water in baths, which often have a rich history of tradition.

This is where originals from Kreuzberg meet businessmen from Charlottenburg.

Tourists are welcome in the baths.

We reveal in which of the city’s central bathing establishments visitors and locals enjoy the relaxing waters.

Stadtbad Schöneberg: Bathing fun in the bathing landscape

The Stadtbad Schöneberg offers enormous fun for all families.

The bright and friendly bathroom is used for sports and entertainment.

A 25-metre pool is available for users.

Non-swimmers and toddlers‘ pool, which is equipped with a slide, provide bathing fun for young visitors.

An outdoor swimming pool and a water slide that is 53 metres long delight youngsters and adults alike.

In a brine pool offering temperatures of 32 degrees Celsius, all visitors to the main street in the Schöneberg district can find additional relaxation.

Website Stadtbad Schöneberg

Stadtbad Mitte: Historic baths with a lot of flair

The Stadtbad Mitte is visited not only by passionate water sports enthusiasts, but also by nostalgics.

Finally, the listed swimming pool, nicknamed „James Simon“, is certainly worth a visit.

The swimming pool, also known as Stadtbad Gartenstraße, was opened as early as 1930 as the „Volksbadeanstalt“.

Even then, the 50-metre pool was used to swim long laps in the Mitte-Tiergarten district.

People swim under the glass roof to the present day, visiting the bright and spacious bathing establishment.

Another hint: there is a retro sauna on the upper floor, which also enchants with its classic simplicity.

Website Stadtbad Mitte

Flea markets: treasures at fantastic prices

The big city is not only the central point for museums, where antique treasures are stored, but also for flea markets, where rarities, books or clothes are sold at low prices.

Basically, the city’s flea markets have their own flair.

If you want to experience the real feeling, you should definitely not miss a visit to certain markets.

Tourists and locals stroll between the stalls.

Culinary specialities delight the palate while prices are negotiated at other stalls.

With a little luck and skill, visitors to the city will find a unique bargain that is a lasting memory.

Mauerpark Flea Market: Art and second-hand goods in the border area

A visit to the flea market at Mauerpark, located on the border between the trendy districts of Wedding and Prenzlauer Berg, is part of the weekend programme for many Berliners and tourists.

Every Sunday, people go in search of treasures and bargains.

Many vendors are private individuals, so students, artists and local residents offer their wares.

Besides second-hand fashion and jewellery, musical instruments, records and decorative items are sold.

Snack stands tempt visitors with snacks and drinks.

Website Mauerpark Flea Market

Street of 17th June Flea Market and Art Market: Antiques on the boulevard

At the Tiergarten S-Bahn station, tourists and locals stroll across a vast area that is home to one of the capital’s largest flea markets.

From 1973 onwards, the market came into being and developed a long tradition.

People from all over the world visit the site on the mighty 17th of June Street to marvel at the amiable traders‘ originals and their wares.

These sometimes sell junk, often art and rarely antiques.

Furniture and books are offered at stalls.

Fabrics, jewellery and dolls sold by traders.

Records and CDs attract the public every Saturday and Sunday.

Website Flea Market 17 June

Musicals: Unforgettable experiences

As a form of musical theatre with a long tradition, musicals have had their place in the capital for many decades.

The mix of drama, music and song delights locals and tourists alike.

Elaborate staging of the shows, which sometimes come to this venue from Broadway, adds to the entertainment.

Love, hate and jealousy are motifs that can often be seen.

Funny, emotional and touching moments created in impressive settings make musicals a highlight.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame: Disney’s Variant as a Musical

Disney produced the global hit „The Hunchback of Notre Dame“ in 1996, which told the dramatic love story between the hunchbacked Quasimodo and the beautiful Esmeralda in animated format.

Following in the footsteps of the film, the musical was created and performed at the Theater des Westens from November 2017.

Emotional music is the supporting element of the musical written by author Peter Parnel.

New songs by Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz, intoned by a 24-member choir, should contribute to the audience’s enthusiasm.

Hunchback of Notre Dame Musical website

Blue Man Group: Entertaiment for international visitors

Previously, this musical was seen in Boston, Chicago and New York, among other cities.

Since 2014, the Blue Man Group has been thrilling audiences in the centre at Marlene Dietrich Platz.

There they present their breathtaking show, which includes driving rhythms.

The BLUEMAX Theatre presents a special combination that mixes concert, comedy and effects.

The actors manage without language.

Instead, the blue gentlemen communicate through facial expressions, gestures and music.

Ideal for international guests who do not speak German

and their hosts to enjoy a show together.

Website Blue Man Group

City tours – get to know landmarks and insider tips by bus

A city tour by bus is the ideal way to get to know the city quickly and comfortably.

Either you want to get to the biggest sights or visit special destinations, with a city tour everything is possible.

Interested passengers can simply select and book their journey online.

You can get on at numerous stops and also get off again at will.

A city tour can become a gala performance with the comedy bus.

This refutes the claim that a city tour is boring.

A Segway tour is also anything but boring.

You get to know everything from a whole new perspective!

Segway tours to the unknown but still worth seeing places!

Segway tours are versatile.

You can experience the city with its many interesting sights in 2.5 hours! Direct, personal tour support is included! The guides know all the districts and their history.

They give guests tips and are available to answer questions.

The big round tour through Mitte with its highlights from Checkpoint Charlie to the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag building, the Federal Chancellery and the German Cathedral.

Experience many great sights and insights into German history on the tour with the Segway.

With Segway you can join different tours in winter a winter special is possible.

Or experience Kürfürstendamm to Unter den Linden by Night!
Website Segway Tour

Fun through the scene on the Comedy Bus!

Experience Charlottenburg to Neukölln with the Comedy Bus.

The bus tours always take place on Fridays and Saturdays at 6pm and 8.30pm.

A city tour with the ComedyBus is a unique experience every time! Tickets can be booked online or

can simply be reserved by telephone.

Your guides on the ComedyBus are well-known stage artists who lead you through the programme and introduce the guests to the city with wit and humour.

Website Comedy Bus

Experience the stage artists from their spontaneous side in improvised theatre!

In improvised theatre, the action is improvised: The actors spontaneously perform one or more scenes that have not been staged or rehearsed beforehand.

Usually, the actors are given the topic from the audience.

A theatre that celebrates its premiere every day, so to speak.

The audience not only gives impulses, but is thereby involved in what is happening on stage.

The actor is performer, director, dramaturge and set designer in one person.

Humour and wit arise from the situation comedy, so that the play becomes a unique experience.

Learn the art of improvisation at the Gorilla Improv School!

In real life, we improvise every day and hardly notice it.

But those who have to improvise on stage realise very quickly.

that it is hard work.

The ensemble of the Gorillas Impro School loves the art of improvisation, it appreciates the exchange with the audience.

Anyone can learn the game according to the ideas of the spectators here.

Up close, improvisational theatre is immediate, lively and surprising.

In any case, it is unique.

Gorillas website

Theatre sport in the BKA inspires its audience for theatre!

Here we have theatre sport at its finest improvised.

The theatre stage becomes an arena.

The moderator, as referee, penalises the fouls.

The audience is the director and chooses the players‘ daily form after several eventful rounds.

Pure theatre sport – the unique spectacle – performed by the masters of improvisation.

Fan blocks have long since formed around the improvising troupe of actors and the musicians of the theatre sport, cheering on the two teams and eliciting the boldest scenes from them with interesting suggestions.

Website Theatre Sport

Unwind in trendy bookshops!

For many, reading is the most beautiful hobby of all.

Diving into foreign fantasy worlds, learning new things and being fascinated by artistic images is wonderful! Booksellers and libraries are very versatile for bookworms.

A number of bookshops invite you to browse.

From the cosy neighbourhood bookshop to the stylish scene bookshop, everything is available to inspire a reader! From the trendy bookshop to the bar with book sales, everything is available! Reading is fun at any age!

Einar and Bert Theatre Bookshop with Flair!

Einar & Bert is a particularly beautiful bookshop located in Prenzlauer Berg.

It is both a place to read and also a cosy café.

Reading an exciting book with fresh coffee and homemade cake is a real pleasure.

The range of books, with a focus on theatre, includes books on music and art to crime fiction and travel guides.

The range also includes fiction as well as children’s and youth books.

DVDs, CDs and vinyls are also represented!
In the Einar & Bert bookshop, classical as well as staged readings take place once a week, book premieres are presented alongside small concerts on the sidelines.

Programmes will be taken for participation.

Website Einar and Bert Theatre Bookshop

Book arch at Savigny Platz

Architecture and art from every era at the Bücherbogen am Savigny Platz!
The Bücherbogen am Savignyplatz has been around since 1980.

It is a specialist bookshop for architecture and art.

The bookshop is located in the centre of the book mile in Knesebeckstrasse in the west.

Here you will find an international assortment from the fields of architecture, photography, art and design.

An art department is located in the entrance area (Stadtbahnbogen 593).

Monographs of artists in the fields of art and photography, as well as corresponding exhibition catalogues, await customers here.

The range is complemented by art theoretical treatises.

The art-interested reader will find everything that makes his heart beat faster!
Website Bücherbogen am Savigny Platz

Bookshop Menger Tempelhof

The small traditional bookshop from Tempelhof is happy about every book that they can order there instead of online and pick up after one day at the latest.

Bars with a view over the rooftops

Party in style above the rooftops!

To see the heart of it from above, it’s worth heading up to the terraces of the bars at lofty heights.

Having a beer here, enjoying a coffee on the banks of the Spree or a glass of wine with the Brandenburg Gate, it’s all possible.

The restaurateurs have come to places that ensure sweeping views of rooftops in the capital.

The bars at lofty heights are a great place to party and also host business lunches.

Monkey Bar

The Monkey Bar convinces with its panoramic view!
The floor for the Monkey Bar was simply placed on top of the listed Bikinihaus and given a surrounding roof terrace from which a sensational view of the Gedächtniskirche can be enjoyed.

Below the Monkey Bar, guests will find the 25hours Bikini Hotel, where they can sleep it off.

Inside, the Monkey Bar not only impresses with its panoramic view through a floor-to-ceiling glass front, but also has many lovingly selected design details.

Website Monkey Bar

Solar Sky-lounge & Restaurant

First eat in style then party until dawn!
The Solar is a trendy bar and a good restaurant high above the buildings that offers its guests a great panoramic view.

Like the club, the super-chic Solar Restaurant is located on the 17th floor of a high-rise building opposite Anhalter Bahnhof.

Above, a guest can enjoy dinner and also various drinks here.

Many celebrities have already been guests here.

Enjoying the haute cuisine of Jon Kremin and his team with an incredible view is worth every effort! But there’s also down-to-earth food like Wiener Schnitzel with lukewarm potato and cucumber salad.

No visitor should miss the Solar Sky-lounge & Restaurant!
Website Solar Sky Lounge

Luxury hotel bars

The cosmopolitan city and an important political centre in Europe.

It is also known for an exciting cultural scene, science is at home here and new ideas are tried out and lived.

The nightlife in this city is correspondingly active.

This includes the numerous bars, which are one of the many nightlife attractions.

Perhaps a little surprising, but there are excellent bars in 5-star luxury hotels that are worth a visit at any time.

Vox Bar in the Grand Hyatt HotelThe
Vox Bar is located directly at Potsdamer Platz, has elegant lounge chairs, dark parquet flooring and collages of black and white photos of famous jazz legends hanging on the walls.

The Vox Bar is particularly famous for its incredible selection of whiskies from all over the world and the Smoker Lounge, whose humidor houses cigars from Cuba and the Dominican Republic.

Live DJ entertainment from vinyl records and on weekends analogue music from young artists from the music scene, provide authentic entertainment.

Website Vox Bar

Harry’s New-York Bar at the Sheraton Grand Hotel Esplanade

Harry’s New-York Bar or HNYBar is known worldwide.

The typical ambience, the long bar with bar stools, blend into a consistent and coherent overall concept.

The matching good music and over 100 drinks make an evening in the bar unforgettable.

Live jazz on the piano accompanied by one of the popular cocktails helps to connect with other guests at the bar who come from all over the world.

Website Harry’s New York Bar Esplanade


Here is a party tip:

Tip: For an overview, take a look at our Nightlife Guide and/or the Party Guide.

Parties and Clubbing

World-famous electro clubs invite you to listen and party!

The City forms an inseparable pair with electronic music.

All partygoers who are drawn to dancefloor evening entertainment, where there is a unique party atmosphere, know this.

In the clubs you can party for a long time, here the celebrities tap dance to the beats of the music.

Some of the best clubs in the world are located here and are gladly visited by illustrious audiences!

Berghain – The club with a worldwide reputation!

Berghain is one of the best clubs in the world.

Celebrities like André Galluzi and Ben Klock perform here.

The sound here is impressive.

A unique atmosphere is achieved with the help of the lights and lighting effects.

An always good lineup and a relaxed, mixed crowd are characteristic of Berghain.

The huge, colourful and very loud world stretches over three floors, which you won’t find here a second time.

Website Berghain

Watergate the club where there are exciting things to discover!

There are not only musically exciting things to discover on two floors at Watergate! Personalities like Aka Aka, Sascha Funke and many others can be welcomed here.

The panoramic view of the Spree and its Oberbaumbrücke is worth the experience and a visit to Watergate.

It’s always packed here.

A crazy line-up with renowned DJs has promoted the club internationally to a dance temple of the world.

Website Watergate

Open Air Clubs

In the various districts, you can party in cool open-air clubs until dawn in the summer.

The great thing is that many open-air party locations are right on the water and they also offer the opportunity to chill in the sun during the day.

Street food stands and lounges provide the necessary energy to be ready for the next party night.

With the right attitude, the party can go on for several days.

Kater Blau Open Air Club

The KaterBlau Open Air Club in Friedrichshain, on the Spree, is a Bar25 successor.

Under the open sky you can party non-stop to electro music from Saturday to Monday.

The confetti rain is part of it.

Djs play a wide range of house and techno music, ranging from unknown artists to international greats.

In the neighbourhood there is the Fame Restaurant and the beach bar Pampa.

Admission is quite strictly controlled, so entry can be slow.

Puss Blue

Sisyphos Open Air ClubThe
Sisyphos Open Air Club is located in the district of Lichtenberg on Rummelsburg Bay.

At Sisyphos, people party for days, listen to electronic music and drink peppi schnapps.

The club has an indoor floor with a powerful sound system, but in the summer it really gets going.

The large outdoor area, among the ruins of a dog biscuit factory, has a sandy floor so that barefoot dancing is possible.

The weekend is particularly popular, you can party through from Friday to Monday with one entrance fee.

Website Sisyphus Club

After Work Parties

In Charlottenburg and Mitte, many clubs and discos offer after-work parties for the leisure-hungry citizens.

These are late-afternoon or early-afternoon events.

Early evening events.

The dress code of the partygoers is usually business casual.

Cocktails and plenty of alcohol are already flowing here.

The physical well-being in the form of snacks is also provided at these events.

Here are two outstanding tips:

The PearlThe
After Work Party at Club The Pearl on the corner of Fasanenstraße and Kantstraße is the start of a wonderful party weekend for many working people.

Drinks are available at the club at a fair price.

Happy hour is from 6pm to 9pm.

Then drinks are half price and finger food is free.

If the weather is nice, you can also celebrate on the terrace by the waterfall.

Website The Pearl/

Far OutThe
After Work Party at Far Out am Lehniner Platz is an Ü30 party for adults.

The music played here is a colourful mix, but very up-to-date.

Songs from the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s are played here.

On the days when there is an after-work party here, you can dance and party in the club until the morning.

The club is easily accessible by public transport.

Website Far Out

Currywurst stalls

You can only get the real currywurst in Kreuzberg at Curry 36.

Everyone eats them, whether celebrities, artists or construction workers.

It is eaten on the way home after work or after the opera.

Everyone is the same at the currywurst stand.

The Currywurst sauce was developed by Herta Heuwer in 1949 and registered at the Patent Office on 21.1.1959.

At almost the same time, the original currywurst was invented.

Since then, it’s hard to imagine Bln without the currywurst and the numerous currywurst stalls.

Curry 36Curry
36 is located in Kreuzberg and at Bahnhof Zoo and is a very well-known, famous and popular snack bar on Mehringdamm.

Curry 36 has achieved cult status.

In addition to the traditional currywurst with the original Curry 36 ketchup, you can get everything you would eat in a good currywurst stand.

For example, the typical meatballs, French fries and bockwurst and much more.

Curry 36 is represented with some products even in supermarkets.

Website Curry36

Konnopke’s ImbissKonnopke
’s Imbiss is located in Prenzlauer Berg and is the oldest snack bar.

Konnopke’s Imbiss was founded in 1930 by Max Konnopke and then continued by Konnopke’s daughter Waldtraut.

The curry sausage stand, which was privately run even in GDR times, was a popular meeting place in the neighbourhood.

After the renovation of the place and the reopening in a retro look in 2011, the performance of the snack bar was handed over to Konopka’s granddaughter in 2012.

Website Konnopke Imbiss

Wine shops – A good drop for connoisseurs

A world metropolis where even the highest demands are met.

This can also be seen in the city’s wine shops, where private wine lovers shop just as much as the city’s leading restaurateurs.

Excellent wines from all over the world are on offer and there is often also the opportunity to taste them.

Of course, the wine shops also offer the best brands of champagne worthy of a special event.

Last but not least, browsing is fun and often the customer finds unknown brands that stand out for their excellent quality.

A visit to the Wein und Glas Compagnie
Not far from Prager Platz on Prinzregentenstraße is the Wein und Glas Compagnie.

In this interesting wine shop, the owners specialise in quality goods that have retained their individual character and thus stand out strongly from mass-produced wines.

At various presentations held throughout the year, visitors can take part in tastings and get to know excellent wines from different winemakers from Germany and abroad.

Website Wine and Glass

More than just a wine shop: Planet Wein
In the heart of Mitte, customers at Plante Wein on Gendarmenmarkt will find just the right wine for every taste and every budget.

Many international rarities are offered as well as quite normal table wines.

Every day, a different wine is available for tasting and there are also numerous delicatessen items on offer.

The cosy vinotheque is particularly popular with connoisseurs.

Comfortable armchairs are the perfect place to enjoy a glass of wine, a look at the relevant specialist literature or use the WLAN internet during a break in your city stroll.

Website Planet Wine Trade

Hidden cultural places

The Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag and the Museum Island are just a few of the much-visited and well-known attractions.

But the nodes have much more to offer.

There are many hidden cultural places worth visiting.

They show the diversity in an impressive way.

They have the added advantage of being less crowded.

A voyage of discovery through the hidden cultural sites reveals further surprising facets of history.

UnderworldsExploring the underworld opens up a new world beneath the streets to the visitor.

Long-forgotten and mysterious transport facilities, bunkers and the pneumatic post, for 111 years the communication link under the city, bear witness to the long history.

If you’ve always wanted to see this and also know what the Oraninenburg Ghost Train Station, the Humboldhain People’s Park and the Gasometer look like from below, you can find out all this during one of the regular guided tours.

Website Underworlds

Brandenburg Gate Museum

The Brandenburg Gate is not only the city’s landmark, but also testifies to its 300-year history.

The Brandenburg Gate Museum shows the history with a focus on the Brandenburg Gate since 1650 in a multimedia presentation.

Powerful images and little text show the story in fast motion.

In a u-shaped room with a panoramic view, the film shows in twenty minutes images from the German Empire, the two world wars, the fall of the Berlin Wall and, of course, the World Cup summer fairy tale.

But the revolution of 1848 and the Weimar Republic are also shown.

Website Brandenburgertor Museum

Professional Sports Events

A vibrant metropolis with a huge range of attractions.

Sports fans will also get their money’s worth here: in the centre of Germany there are many activities that will make your sports heart beat faster.

Whether football, basketball, volleyball or hockey – there is something for everyone.

You want to feel the stadium atmosphere, cheer on the sidelines and cheer on your favourite team? We will present two of the most interesting and exciting sports clubs and their performances below and tell you which experiences you should not miss to make your stay a complete success.

Alba Basketball

The basketball club „Alba“, founded in 1991, is one of the most successful basketball clubs in the whole of Germany with a total of eight German championships and nine cup victories and is also considered the most successful German basketball club internationally due to its success in numerous international competitions.

Tickets for a game at the Mercedes-Benz Arena are available from a very reasonable 10 euros, so it’s definitely worth getting a taste of stadium air at the most visited basketball team in Europe.

If you are looking for something special: Alba also offers Christmas parties in the stadium, including reserved seats in the premium grandstand.

Hertha BSC

The largest and best-known sports club is by far the football club „Hertha BSC“.

In 1892, the club was founded with the then name „Berliner Fußballclub Hertha“ (Berlin Football Club Hertha) and has since had a long history of success, including co-founding the DFB and the Bundesliga.

The Bundesliga home games are played in the largest stadium, the Olympiastadion, and take place every Saturday; tickets are available from 15 euros.

Special Ostkurven tickets (the Hertha-Fankurve) are available for fans, and for anyone interested in the club’s historical background, there is currently an exhibition at the Ephraim Museum in the city centre.

Record shops

The residents are known for their unconventional lifestyle and their penchant for second-hand shops and flea markets (no wonder with the prices).

What about you? Are you also someone who can’t say no to „vintage“ and „retro“? Then we have the perfect shops for you – record shops.

These two shops take you back to the time before Spotify and music downloads, to the time when listening to music was still an adventure.

Whether you’re into techno, pop or heavy metal – you’ll find everything your heart desires in these two shops.

Hard Wax

In the Kreuzberg district there is a record shop that is rumoured to have even been involved in the birth of the techno scene in the early 1990s: the Hard Wax.

Founded in 1989 by music producer Mark Ernestus, it is one of the oldest assorted record shops in the field of electronic music and is considered an important communication and exchange point for international techno musicians.

Over the years, well-known DJs and musicians have worked here, e.g.

Electric Indigo, which even has over three years In addition to the shop on Paul-Linke-Ufer, an online shop is also operated, where the desired records can be delivered directly to your home.

Dodo Beach

The „Dodo Beach Record Store“, which opened on Record Day 2013 and is thus quite modern, now has two branches, one in Schöneberg and the branch in the Prenzlauer Berg district, which opened in 2018.

The 200-square-metre shop offers records for every taste, an extensive second-hand department and the „Metal Dungeon“, a basement where you can discover mainly metal, punk and hardcore vinyl.

In addition, Dodo Beach sells tickets for concerts, plays or festivals and various events are held in both branches, such as book readings or DJ performances.

Special city tours – no longer unusual!

The capital is very special in many ways! For the millions of visitors every year, there are many different ways to go on a very special discovery tour through the city.

In addition to unusual tours such as walking around various sights in a jogging outfit, there are also other highlights to get to know the city from a completely different side.

Classic sightseeing has long been a thing of the past, otherwise it would be a bit boring.

So if you want to explore the Goldene Else, Telespargel and Brandenburg Gate on your own or just in a slightly different way, you’ve come to the right place.

Because when it comes to city tours, the same applies: there’s nothing you can’t find on the spot!

Musictours – Bus TourThe
Musictours tours offer a very special and unforgettable experience.

The place is not only a metropolis for all filmmakers, but also home and home for artists of all trades and especially for musicians, some of them world-famous.

To get to know everything from this musical side, there are various offers, from completely private tours to the famous „Hansa Studio Tour“.

If you want to follow in the footsteps of rock legends such as David Bowie or Iggy Pop, we recommend such a musical city tour.

Both of them, like many other artists, were at the world-famous Hansa Studios.

You don’t know why Depeche Mode has its second home in Charlottenburg, at Musictours anyone interested will find out why!

much humour is there in the scene? This question is answered on the city tours with a certain humorous character.

Artists and entertainers from the stages and variety shows present the sights in a new, funny and sometimes bizarre, typical brash way.

The most famous sights will be presented and the participants will definitely have something to laugh about.

The tour, which lasts about two hours and gives a very good, but above all funny, impression of the Spree metropolis.

A belly ache with laughter is guaranteed on this city tour of a different kind.

And only in this way can visitors understand the slightly gruff but always „charming“ humour of the capital’s inhabitants.

Beach volleyball

The region is not only home to top sports clubs such as the Füchse (Foxes) or the footballers from Hertha BSC, there is a wide range of sports on offer at the moment.

Residents and travellers enjoy outdoor sports in the city’s parks and gardens.

From yoga classes to giant kite flying, sporty participants are in top form! Beach volleyball has become one of the most popular sports in recent years.

Where there used to be wastelands, there are now beach bars with attached beach volleyball courts, and even entire championships are held in the German metropolis for the sport of beach volleyball.

For this purpose, Breitscheidplatz or Schlossplatz will simply be completely rebuilt and transformed into a beach volleyball arena.

There are special places and clubs in almost every district.

Beach MitteA
visit to a beach bar with an adjoining beach volleyball court is something quite normal for many in the summer months and probably one of the most popular leisure sports of all.

Beach Mitte is located in the heart of the city and so guests can either stop at Beach Mitte directly after a city tour or before a long night of partying.

Food & drink will be provided, several playing fields for beaching will be available for use.

Interested parties can form teams directly on site.

Afterwards, the evening can end with cocktails and snacks at Beach Mitte.

The special advantage of Beach Mitte is that it is already possible to book a court online and that it is one of the beach volleyball centres that even organises tournaments.

So other volleyball enthusiasts can always be found here!

Beach 61In
beautiful Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, the opportunity to play beach volleyball should not be missed.

Our tip: Beach 61! There is also a location in Schöneberg, so it takes a very short time to get there from the entire city area.

Above all, volleyball fans can play all year round, because in Schöneberg the games take place under a roof that protects against wind and weather.

Whether indoor or outdoor, beach volleyball is possible in Beach 61 in both variations.

Training sessions and tournaments also take place at both locations.

Those who prefer to watch and enjoy can simply sit on the sidelines, drink cocktails and cheer on the players at the Beach 61 locations.

Sundays open

A visit to the city with over a million inhabitants is always worthwhile.

Besides the many cultural highlights in the city, you can go shopping very well.

Of course, you may be present on a Sunday.

But that is exactly what we have provided for.

We would like to tell you which Sundays are open and where you can go to indulge your shopping mood on Sundays.

However, our information does not only refer to this.

Because it’s also worth experiencing great window shopping in the middle of the city.

You can then just pop into the shops as if you were still a little kid and see what’s available for you.

Potsdamer Platz Arcades

The Potsdamer Platz Arcaden is a huge shopping centre where you can sometimes go shopping on Sundays.

But above all, the restaurants are also open on Sundays.

If you’re visiting the city on a Sunday and it’s raining, this is the place to be.

The opening hours for Sundays can be found online on the Potsdamer Platz Arcaden page.

You can find out there when it is possible to go shopping on Sundays.

You won’t be disappointed there.

This shopping mile is definitely interesting for you if you want to look for new trends.


Kurfürstendamm is the main shopping street.

Here you will find shops selling electronics, technology, fashion and everything else.

You will definitely not be disappointed with the offer.

Of course, the shops are open from Monday to Saturday.

But if you’re coming to town on a Sunday anyway, you should find out in advance if it’s a Sunday on sale.

Because that way you can be sure that you won’t be disappointed.

Otherwise, Kurfürstendamm is also an excellent place to linger over a good meal.

So you will definitely not be disappointed to have come to this place.ürstendamm

Skater routes

Skaters are athletes who have a good place to let off steam in the capital.

So if you’re in the capital with your board, just visit one of the two skating tracks we’ll introduce to you below.

You are welcome to show your talent and prove yourself in a small battle with other skaters from the city.

In any case, the skating tracks are always busy, because many people want to follow the sport for sure.

You’ll love skating in the city or just riding a board.

Kronprinzessinnenweg skating track in Wannsee

One of the two tracks we really want to introduce you to is the Kronprinzessinnenweg skating track in Wannsee.

You will like this route because the paths are top and always kept in good condition.

The „Krone“ is considered the classic among the routes.

The city itself takes care that you have a lot of fun here and can also pursue your passion on the board.

It doesn’t matter how old you are.

Practically everyone who likes skating and wants to experience something is invited.

You will definitely be able to spend a lot of time here and let off steam as if you were still a child.

Skating Track Tempelhof Airport

The skating track at Tempelhof Airport offers you lots of information about what to expect on its own page.

Of course, we also want to inform you briefly about what awaits you on this route and how you can pursue your sport there.

This track is not just a track, you also get a lot of parkour technology here and can fully pursue your passion.

You will certainly be able to spend hours here and you will get better and better.

This track is suitable for anyone who likes to stand on a skateboard or even ride a scooter.

This route will turn out to be a highlight for you.

Christmas markets

During Advent, many people flock to the Christmas markets.

Especially at home, a Christmas market is something for the eye.

Visitors are offered extravagant handicraft items, special Christmas decorations or delicious food, the Gendarmenmarkt is famous for this.

With enchanting backdrops, small art workshops often offer their unique pieces for display.

For Christmas Eve, many people are always on the lookout for the perfect gift for their loved ones, and with the selection of rarities, everyone will find what they are looking for.

It attracts many tourists who choose the Christmas season to get closer to the Advent spirit through nativity plays and other performances.

Every year, there are around 2500 different Christmas markets throughout Germany.

Christmas market at the GedächtniskircheThe
smell of gingerbread hangs in the air, the festive lighting shimmers from afar.

This year, already for the 35th time, the Schaustellerverband e.V. invites you to the

from 26 November to the market at the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church.

The special thing is not the roasted almonds, but the Christmas tree.

Small energy-saving lights are part of the festive decoration of the tree.

One attraction among work colleagues is the Heinz Rühmann corner.

The film Feuerzangenbowle is playing on the screen and people are enjoying the same drink in a cosy atmosphere.

Another tradition is the feast for the palate in the cosy Hirschstube.

Top chef Matthias Buchholz cooks „classic goose“ for his guests at the highest level.

The small booth is often fully booked, the team takes reservations by phone.

Rixdorf Christmas MarketA
small, cosy Christmas market takes place on Richardplatz in Neukölln-Rixdorf on the second weekend of Advent.

Today’s Neukölln developed from the Bohemian village.

The focal point is Richardplatz, where the old smithy is located.

This metal workshop is now a listed building.

Many associations and charitable organisations offer little things for the Christmas lovers.

Self-made children’s toys and oil paintings are just a small greeting from the charitable Christmas market.

Especially in the dark, in the light of the old street lamps, with an entertaining stage programme, visitors get their money’s worth.


Sightseeing during the day and ending the evening with a cultural programme is a real pleasure in the big city.

If the demand exists, eight names of different places and districts fall at a stroke.

Distel and the Porcupines are two of the city’s long-established cabarets.

The tickets are very popular, also as gifts.

A combination of the craft of acting with epic and dramatic parts, music and lyricism bring to light very different forms of cabaret.

The boundaries to comedy and stand-up comedy are very fluid.

Cabaret theatre has a long tradition.

Mehringhof Theatre

The Mehringhof Theatre is located in Kreuzberg and was founded in April 1985.

It offers space for a maximum of 250 visitors.

The professional and committed cabaret always delights its audience with political preferences.

Greats like Horst Evers, Kurt Krömer, Marc-Uwe Kling, Dirk Bach, Ottfried Fischer, or Max Uthoff are well-attended performances.

Five evenings a week, the citizens of Kreuzberg prove that they are not at a loss for words.

Especially popular is the end-of-year programme in December, a nice summary of the year.

The theatre offers free seating, early arrival is an advantage

Hallervorden, Wilfried Herbst and a few others founded the Wühlmäuse cabaret in Westend in 1960.

Over two levels, with 516 seats, the hall trades on a programme with continuous reels and an underlying theme that runs through the whole evening.

Irmgard Knef, Bruno Jonas, Richard Rogler, Nessi Tausendschön and many others have already made their contribution.

Once a year, the „Great Cabaret Festival“ takes place in the Diddi House, as well as the award ceremony of the Cabaret National League.

At regular two-month intervals, well-known personalities appear on stage alongside unknowns, under the motto „Seven at a Glance“.

Fresh harvest: weekly markets

Every neighbourhood has its weekly market.

They are a popular shopping option and on Saturdays the market is bustling with celebrity activity.

Cooking for yourself is fashionable again, healthy eating is in demand.

The motto is fresh and seasonal, regional and international.

Many products are supplied by farmers from the surrounding area and Brandenburg.

But the diverse offer has long since exceeded the conventional weekly market character.

The traders advertise their products with a lot of heart and snark as well as a pinch of humour.

If, in addition to quality and quantity, the location is right, individual weekly markets are at the top of the popularity scale.

This undoubtedly includes two addresses:

Weekly market at WinterfeldplatzSchön-schöner-Schöneberg
: easily accessible, the weekly market books some superlatives as the largest and best-known market.

The square, laid out in 1890, is named after the Prussian military officer Hans Karl von Winterfeldt.

The flair is defined by lime trees typical of Berlin and a market fountain that provides drinking water.

Nestled in a perfect setting of shops, Greek restaurants, Turkish bistros, pubs, antique dealers and playground, the weekly market is a night out destination – stroll, shop, linger.

In addition to high-quality fruit and vegetables, there are beautiful flowers, delicious cheese, useful household items, fancy clothes and homemade items.

Market days are Wednesday 08.00-14.00 and Saturday 08.00-16.00, except public holidays.

Every Saturday: Weekly market at Kollwitzplatz

The focus is on organic products, healthy and vegan food.

The market in a bourgeois atmosphere naturally offers lots of fruit and vegetables.

Plus everything that makes a delicious weekend meal: bread specialities, cheeses, free-range eggs, spices and herbs, meat and fish, delicatessen, freshly pressed oils and wine.

A welcome alternative to standard supermarket shopping.

For the hunger in between, there is a choice of pizza and pasta, curry or white sausage and fine soups.

Among aromatic delicacies, a few stalls with textiles á la Prenz’lberg, wooden toys and presents mingle.

An eco-market opens on Thursdays and Christmas markets traditionally take place on Advent Sundays.


The city is considered the film metropolis of Europe, and not just since yesterday.

Not only has it been the location for numerous international film productions, there is a great variety of cinemas and even the odd film festival.

From short films to the world-famous Berlinale, it is „the place to be“ when it comes to cinema in Germany and Europe.

In every district you will find numerous cinemas ranging from large state-of-the-art film plas to small art-house cinemas, also in different languages.

Every genre is catered for, even small niche films can be seen that you can’t watch anywhere else in Germany.

Astor Film Lounge

Tip: Go to our detailed cinema guide :


The Astor Film Lounge is one of the long-established, almost historic cinemas in the west of the city.

The cinema is located directly on the famous Kurfürstendamm and enchants its visitors above all with its charming interior.

The special thing about this cinema is that you also get to see real film classics here.

The cinema hall is even a listed building.

Of course, film lovers will still find modern digital projection technology here, but if you want to enjoy a film evening in a really cosy ambience with leather armchairs, the Astor Film Lounge is the place to be.

The Astor Film Lounge on Kurfürstendamm also has a bar for refreshments before or after the film.

Cinema Intimates

Another pearl of the local cinema scene is the Kino Intimes.

This is a small but cosy cinema in Friedrichshain, on Boxhagener Straße.

It has a long cinema history, specialising more in new releases, foreign language films and also arthouse productions.

This cinema has been around since 1909 and once again shows how long cinema history goes back.

A real eye-catcher is the cinema’s neon sign: In the shrill and eye-catching neon 70s style, the cinema thus also attracts passers-by additionally to the cinema, who can then also make themselves comfortable on the 83 seats.

Late and night screenings round off the already very well-balanced programme of Kino Intimes. There are also children’s films, which is not really surprising given the wide range of programmes despite the small size of the cinema, at least not for those who know Kino Intimes!

Berlin Wall

The Wall belongs to Berlin like the television tower.

No other international metropolis has such a turbulent history of division.

A wall was built in the middle of the city overnight, sealing off the GDR from the rest of the world, and even today you can see or trace the course of the wall everywhere.

Throughout the city, where the Wall ran, there are markings on the ground so that you can encounter remnants of the Wall even far from famous places like Checkpoint Charlie or the Brandenburg Gate.

The images of the inner-German reunification, when citizens from East and West climbed „The Wall“ or left behind the first barrier to the West at Bornholmer Straße, all this will be remembered and it is one of the reasons why so many people want to see Berlin.

To experience this history of the German-German division at first hand at the site of the events, in memorials or in the middle of the street.

East Side Gallery

The East Side Gallery is located between the two districts of Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg.

It is the longest piece of the wall that can still be found in its original state.

Shortly after the fall of communism, they were painted by numerous artists on the eastern side with images of peace doves or Erich Honecker.

Even today, the East Side Gallery is still a memorial to the horrors brought about by the Wall.

Here, by the way, you can still look through the wall to the other side, just like the Wall Woodpeckers did at the time of the fall of communism.

Everything is in bloom around the East Side Gallery; there are no more traces of the death strip or the border here.

It is the sight that should not be missing from any programme when it comes to the Wall.

Wall path

Along the Wall Trail you can explore the course of the border wall on foot or, even better, by bicycle.

It leads around the then encircled western zone of the city.

There are very different sections of the route that you can take, depending on your mood and fitness.

In total, the Wall Trail has an approximate length of around 160 kilometres.

In the past, border controls and soldiers‘ patrols were carried out on the paths; at present, you can still find remnants of the former border hidden everywhere.

There are also markers and memorials along the route to commemorate the many people who lost their lives fleeing the Wall.

Memorial stones, short biographies of the victims or real Wall remains can also be discovered on a tour along the Wall Trail.

Current Events Selection:

More performances can be found here:

Online Magazine


There are many theatres in the square.

From children’s theatre to cabaret theatre, variety theatre, musical theatre and many others, to classical theatre, there is something for every taste.

It is not for nothing that Berlin is not only the federal capital, but also a cultural centre with its colourful theatre landscape.

The large and small theatres are spread throughout the city and offer a varied programme for young and old with their diverse playbills.

We present two of the most famous and historic houses.

Deutsches TheaterThe
Deutsches Theater, or DT for short, is located in Mitte and can already look back on more than 150 years of very eventful history.

In addition to classical plays, modern productions with a top-class ensemble are also performed at this tradition-steeped venue.

Among other things, „The Weavers“ by Gerhart Hauptmann was premiered there.

Because of its contemporary productions, the Deutsches Theater has now been named Theatre of the Year three times by the magazine „Theater heute“, among many other awards.

The modern plays are particularly in focus during the annual festival „Autorentheatertage“, which is also often dubbed the „summit meeting of contemporary drama“.

Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, located like the Deutsches Theater Mitte, was founded in 1914 by the association „Freie Volksbühne“ and financed collectively.

The present building, however, dates from the post-war period, as the theatre was badly damaged in the Second World War.

This stage was intended to test the limits of classical theatre and was designed from the outset to develop new forms.

Accordingly, there are also strong personalities under this umbrella, as director, author and artist, with whose help the realisation of this ambition was possible.

Currently, music, visual arts, digital productions and other performance arts come together there alongside theatre and dance.


Fairs and conferences

The colourful world of trade fairs meets at various locations around the year.

The largest location is the exhibition halls under the radio tower in the Westend.

The site was inaugurated in 1921 with just one hall and has since expanded to a total of 26 exhibition halls with almost 180,000 m² of space.

Since 2011, the site has also borne the name „ExpoCenter City“, as a second location in Selchow „ExpoCenter Airport“ was opened a year later.

In addition, there are smaller fairs in places like the „Kalkscheune“ or „STATION“.

International Green WeekOr
simply called „Green Week“ or „IGW“ for short, is a trade fair for agricultural products from all over the world.

It traditionally takes place every year in January at the „ExpoCenter City“ and had its beginnings as early as the mid-1920s.

Since 2005, an annually changing official partner country of the fair has been chosen.

In addition, there is a wide-ranging supporting programme with special exhibitions on changing themes, as well as seminars and discussions.

In addition to preserving agricultural tradition, the fair is also an opportunity to take a look at the future of agriculture and how we deal with it.

re:publica Internet Conference

The re:publica, from „res publica“ (public cause), is a comparatively new trade fair that was only founded in 2007 and takes place every year in May.

Since 2012, it has been held at STATION in Kreuzberg.

With its annually changing mottoes, the fair focuses on the topics „Internet“ and „Digital Society“, making it the largest of its kind in Europe.

The wide range of lectures and discussions not only deals with media and technical aspects of digitalisation, but also with cultural and political ones.

It’s not for nothing that re:publica has written „the most inspiring festival for the digital society“ on its banner.


The metropolis is rightly regarded as an international centre of attraction for people working in the arts and culture and has the reputation of being a European cosmopolitan city.

With an incomparably diverse programme and daily performances and events, artists from a wide range of disciplines shape life in the big city.

In addition to a constantly growing art scene, countless theatre, opera or musical performances, museums and galleries, there are also clubs where comedians perform their programmes.

In the cabarets, variety shows and cabaret stages, visitors are made to laugh and marvel day after day.

The legendary Quatsch Comedy Club

The Quatsch Comedy Club is the first stand-up comedy club in Germany and offers a stage for five different comedians per evening.

For more than 25 years now, well-known comedians have been testing new programmes in Thomas Hermanns‘ Club, while newcomers can present themselves on the stage.

The audience is thus offered a palette of different humour styles night after night.

The Quatsch Comedy Club has become the meeting place for comedians and TV talent scouts, comedy writers, stars and up-and-coming comedians.

The heart of the club is the live show, which features four comedians – from newcomers to superstars, with the line-up changing weekly.

In addition to the live show, there are regular specials, such as the Quatsch Talentschmiede, the talent show for up-and-coming comedians.

Solo guest performances by individual comedians, such as Ingo Appelt, Emmi & Herr Willnowsky or Oliver Polak round off the programme.

Kookaburra, the comedy club

In 2002, Sanjay and Svenja Shihora opened the comedy club Kookaburra in Prenzlauer Berg in a former bank branch, of all places.

Where there are usually tears in your eyes, 100 guests laugh every night at the outstanding shows.

In addition to guest appearances by great artists such as Martina Brandl, Eckart v.Hirschhausen, Ausbilder Schmidt, Vince Ebert, Heinz Gröning, Michael Krebs, Markus Krebs and many more on the weekends, the operators have made the multicultural character part of the programme.

„English Comedy Night“, „Funny Schwiizerländ“, „Immigrantenstadl“ or „Bollywood“ are just a few examples that bring the humour of the whole world to this place.

The Kookaburra (incidentally an Australian bird whose call sounds like laughter) is as diverse as its guests: from stand-up comedy to visual comedy, music comedy, cabaret, readings and young talents and professionals working on their new programmes.

Places of interest

With a population of almost four million, the capital of the Federal Republic of Germany is the largest municipality in the country and was first mentioned in the 13th century.

It was first mentioned in documents in the 16th century.

At present, we are experiencing a world city of culture, but of course also of politics and science.

The city’s universities, countless sporting events, museums and sights are all internationally renowned.

Not only ideal as a tourist magnet in Europe, it also holds the UNESCO title of „City of Design“.

Among other things, the trendy shops, the fesitivals, architecture and the varied history of this city are known worldwide.

Checkpoint Charlie

Checkpoint Charlie is one of the world’s most famous sights.

Although the Wall has long since disappeared, the Cold War is over and the watchtowers had to be rebuilt, these circumstances do not disturb the ever-growing number of visitors in the slightest.

Checkpoint Charlie was the third checkpoint used by the Allies; incidentally, its name is derived from the international alphabet of letters (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie).

At the best-known German-German border crossing on Friedrichstraße, Allied guards registered members of the American, British and French forces before their journeys to East Berlin from September 1961 onwards.

Just one month later, in October 1961, the checkpoint becomes the scene of a tank confrontation between American and Soviet soldiers facing each other with live ammunition.

Checkpoint Charlie, however, is not only a witness to the Cold War, but also the scene of numerous dramatic escape attempts from the East.

An exhibition on the corner of Schützenstraße and Zimmerstraße tells of failed escape attempts and successful experiences.

The Reichstag

After the foundation of the German Empire, the architect Paul Wallot began building the Reichstag in 1884.

He combined elements of Renaissance, Baroque and Classicism and erected a dome of steel and glass almost 60 metres high, which was considered a masterpiece of the time.

After the severe damage caused by the Reichstag fire of 1933 and the destruction during the Second World War, the building had to be renovated and modernised and was then used for exhibitions.

The conversion work continued until the 1970s.

In October 1990, after the fall of the Wall, the first session of the all-German parliament took place.

From 1995 to 1999, the building was redesigned by Norman Foster and the glass dome with viewing platform designed by him has since become a crowd puller.

In April 1999, the key was symbolically handed over to the President of the Bundestag, Wolfgang Thierse.

Since then, the German Bundestag has been meeting there.

A special action, whose pictures went around the world, took place in 1995.

The Christo couple had received permission to completely cover the Reichstag.

Conclusion: With our overview of events you can hopefully discover Berlin anew

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