Sisyphos Berlin

Address:Hauptstrasse 15
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Opening hours:always inform in advance on the website
Floors: 2
Prices / Admission::Admission depending on event
Special features:large open air area.
Music Styles:Electro

Sisyphos Club Berlin

The Sisyphos Berlin is an open air club in the Rummelsburger Bucht in Lichtenberg. In the former dog biscuit factory, people dance and party to electronic music for days on end.

From the outside, Berlin’s nightlife is dominated by world-famous techno temples like Berghain and Tresor. But the old-timers and the people who live here know better. There’s a whole universe of big and small stores that cater to pretty much every taste in the musical spectrum.

For example, Sisyphos: a hip electro floor with an imaginative atmosphere.

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The Lurch brings the full program & line up. But always just before the end. The dress code is accordingly.

When the party weekend is planned among friends, the Sisyphos has long been one of the first suggestions among dance goers with a penchant for house, electro or techno.

Just as Sisyphus, king of Greek mythology, tried to accomplish his eternal task, the party never ends at the Open-Air Sisyphus. Without interruption, the Berlin party scene celebrates here from Friday to Monday.

A weekend long music direction Electro full. The resident DJ Foolik provides for a good mood with a relaxed location.

It’s a good thing that you can party 
three nights in a row for a one-off entrance fee, because longing for your own bed is guaranteed not to arise at Sisyphos. After 10 p.m., the bass roars on the banks of the Spree on Hauptstraße in Rummelsburg in the Lichtenberg district.

One of the ten hottest techno clubs in the capital has grown out of an old dog biscuit factory. There is no volume limit here in the industrial area behind Ostkreuz. On the contrary, the party scene is booming on the remote site, which is surrounded by old office buildings.

Although the location is far from the real hotspots, the Sisyphos has even attracted the attention of the international press. It is even said to have a „European cult status“.

„Out of this world“, behind an inconspicuous gate, paradise opens for electro fans. Relaxed guests are the icing on the cake of an alien world of techno music.

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Sisyphus – Come in & Dress Code & Dress Code

Shirt and jacket can safely stay at home. Sisyphos stands for a relaxed philosophy and welcomes its guests casually. This is also reflected in the location.

Old lamps are everywhere in the garden. Colorful wimple chains hang above the heads of the guests, blowing in the wind of the heated atmosphere. And yet the arrangement radiates pure coziness. Kitschy meets modern, chaotic arrangement, which at the same time has a lot of attention to detail and in addition hip electro music… the Sisyphos is simply different.

The interior is reminiscent of a student living room in the middle of the open air. Moreover, the ambience combines different worlds. It has its very own charm. It can happen that during wild party nights, all sense of space and time is lost. ATMs are also available, so that the party people can raid the abundant food offerings from the kiosk and snack bar.

The location Dancefloor | Open Air outdoor area | Hammerhalle

Inside, party-happy visitors get their money’s worth with loud techno music in the main room, the Hammerhalle. In the adjoining room, the DJ sounds the floor & his guests with house.

The complete darkness that reigns in both areas enhances the effect of the bass that turns night into day from a Function One Premium system.

Sisyphos Nightclub Berlin Entrance Gate.jpg
By Uploaded – <a rel=“nofollow“ class=“external free“ href=““></a>, CC BY 2.0, Link

Experience shows: The absolute highlight, however, is the open-air area.

All those who particularly like to party open air should head towards Rummelsburg in Lichtenberg.

On the two large dance floors inside the Locaion as well as the large open-air area there are good electronic sounds electro, techno, house, sometimes even disco to the ears, the people are extremely relaxed and the atmosphere very imaginative.

The large outdoor area offers plenty of space in the summer to really party or just relax and enjoy the exuberant atmosphere. Of course, also in the outdoor area a DJ spoils the party people with the finest techno sounds.

To dance, take off your shoes and feel the fine sand between your toes, because at Sisyphos an artificially raised beach serves as a dance floor and gives you a touch of sun and sea in the middle of the gray everyday life. Typical of the club’s colorful décor, the entrance to the outdoor area is greeted by the kind of ski huts you’d find at an après-ski party.

Those who prefer to watch the spirited movement of the other guests from a distance and have a snack instead can make themselves comfortable on a sofa or in a prepared fire truck.

Or you can overlook the action from the viewing platform. At the uniquely designed location of Sisyphus, you can even become a toddler again and ride on the seesaw figures to the rhythm of the music.

Unbeaten among the surprises that the Sisyphos has in store for its guests is a shallow pond that makes the humid fun perfect.

Sisyphos- Techno | Electro| Party| Line Up | New Year’s Eve Party

In terms of music, the Sisyphos line-up features well-known international DJs who ensure that fans of the local techno scene can’t keep their legs still all year round.

Sisyphos Festival Berlin

But not only excellent music heats up the Berlin techno shed properly. On some days, artists perform at Sisyphos. Atmospheric performances sweep the crowd along and make the visit an unforgettable evening. Those who want to slide into the New Year can do so at the New Year’s Eve party.

The inscription on the wooden fence next to the club entrance is a gag that makes some people smile: a list of famous excuses that many use to argue in front of the bouncer.

The label

Due to the great popularity, the Sisyphos has created its own label. Sisyphon is a plattfrom for musicians and DJs of the club.

Clearly, Sisyphos is worth a visit. To make sure that the last excuse that the location is too remote remains irrelevant, a shuttle bus takes party-happy youngsters comfortably to the ultimate party area – a unique fantasy world where you can dance away all your worries for a few days.

Here, it is not uncommon for people to dance and rock out non-stop all weekend from Friday to Monday.

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A party at Sisyphos The Open Air Area… Far from the intimate atmosphere of the Golden Gate Club, the Sisi has irrevocably captivated me.

Sisyphos hauptstr-15 lichtenberg 2022-08-14.png
By <a href=“//“ title=“User:Babewyn“>Babewyn</a> – <span class=“int-own-work“ lang=“en“>Own work</span>, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

We had just gotten up for eight hours straight, the next day we had fun walking through the streets of the Schöneberg, Neukölln and Kreuzberg districts, we even lost ourselves in the fabulous Carnival of Cultures.

And all this after we had slept four hours… There is no doubt, we were in Berlin!

That evening I wanted to try real clubbing, as I imagined it over the after the many articles on the Internet and from stories.

My festive mania had finally run out of steam, my body could no longer keep up… But a little inner voice whispered in my ear that we must go there tonight, to this place so cherished by my friends. 
So that evening we looked for a place that we liked. We decided on the Sisy, an open air area with dance floors on the outskirts of the city, about 5 km from our accommodation. We go there on foot.

We arrived at the main entrance door, adorned with two ducks in profile, still sleepy. 
Arrived around 1:00 am in the queue, many people waiting to get in. 
After more than an hour of waiting, we are in here. Since taking pictures 
is forbidden here, we are given a sticker to put on our phones.

The security guards and bouncers are strict, during our wait some people who were too drunk or had drugs were excluded.

Sisyphos Festival Berlin

The first feeling I had when I entered here was almost the same as when you were ten years old and unwrapped your birthday present, and fortunately it was exactly the wish you had been waiting for. 
My tiredness was gone, I was amazed by this magical place.

Finally inside We enter Sisyphus, the place is huge: it’s actually more of a permanent mini-festival than a club. 
I had my body back in action, my mind invigorated.

The place offers everything you need to live on the spot: food, ATMs, drinks … the place stays open 24 hours a day for several days in a row.

I was at the Temples of Surprises, „In the Imaginary Land of Sisyphus.“

Out of respect for the place, I will not describe this party location in detail. But you should know that there are several rooms and stages that are diffused: Techno, House, Disco, Electro etc.

The space is organized in a (more or less) concentric circle, „the sound houses“ act as different scenes like in a theater, where you can hear different electro, techno, house, bass sounds, etc.. 
The point of the concept is precisely to experience this diversity of sounds and let the visitors discover the heterogeneous atmospheres.

The guests of the location are in an average of 25-30 years and international.

The first dance floor „Winter Garden“, located near the entrance, attracts large crowds. It is a kind of wooden hut with tropical influences. 
It is a place without headaches, convivial, fringe lamps from the thirties, with fluorescent lights, decorate and enliven the space. 
Here the men and women are rather scantily clad, which is not unpleasant.

The music fits this, it is a good first introduction, because the evening promises to be long.

As I crept away, time to catch my breath, I landed on a pallet that had washed up on a warm sandy beach. 
The evening takes its course.

I was able to get an overall view, a wave of old memories hit my mind. 
The spirit of the fairground finally wanders, the decor is unique, the lights are warm, accompany us throughout the trip. 
The result: first night of pure clubbing in Berlin, good music, the huge place full of surprises is worth the detour. Different styles of music for all tastes. And the night was not over yet.

Here’s some advice for a few perks that just came to mind: glasses and cans are issued with tokens, look around a bit and bring back the empties to get a few euros back. 
With that you can then order something to drink again at one of the several local bars.

Sisyphos Festival Berlin

Back in the place of „joy“ I decided to change the world, I walked through this corridor, dressed with hanging light bulbs, announcing the transition to a new space-time.
The sound was harsher, duller, the atmosphere more serious, I was in the dark space of Sisyphus.

Here’s an anecdote: the place is an old cookie factory for dogs and its name comes from Greek mythology, from the myth of Sisyphus. He was condemned to climb a rock on a mountain every day so that he could come back down every evening, for eternity. He walked on his rock to the top of the mountain.

The last scene I chose was… I don’t remember where!? 
All I know is that it was crazy. My bad memory can’t remember the name of the DJ, but I still have a mixture of different sounds in my ear. 
It was a mix of both trance, electro, but also some acid and house. 
I fell in love with this set, which lasted the time and pleased my heart. At that moment „the white knight“ called me to order and like the Alice of Sisyphus I ran away with a soul full of happiness.

It will soon be light, around 06:30 we leave. 
Good to know that the evenings usually last several days. 
Tip: If you leave the Sisyphos and also want to come back the next day, you can use your wristbands to avoid the queue the next time you visit, a few hours later.

Right in front of the location: a streetcar stop. The first one arrives in 10 minutes. The streetcar is 95% people coming from the same place, the ride seems to be free. We get off at the wrong stop and are forced to walk 3 km. 
I happily lie down in bed and fall asleep.


What if the future of partying was on the outskirts of Berlin? 
In any case, the site in Rummelsburg could be one of the forerunners of these „suburban“ clubs. 
For many, this dance venue, located on the ramshackle grounds of an old dog biscuit farm, with its large open-air area, is already considered the legitimate successor to the legendary Bar 25.

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One popular spot – if a little under the radar – is Sisyphus, a huge complex of a venue in one of the easternmost corners of the city. There, as in some other places in the city, the party is often non-stop from Friday to Monday.

Apart from its unpronounceable name, the event location does everything to be easily accessible. Shuttles are chartered from Ostkreuz to reach it. A very rare service in the city. 
Beware, it seems that once it is full (i.e. relatively early for Berlin, about 1h, 2h) shuttles stop running. After that it is necessary to walk (15 minutes) or ride a bike. 
He unfortunately a bit far from the shot, but is nevertheless also well accessible by streetcar.

At the entrance I did not observe too restrictive admission policy. I saw on a sign that dogs were not allowed, but I still saw one squirming on the dance floor. 
The outdoor space is quite large. It includes a stage where artists perform in the early evening, and a pond where some people refresh themselves in the morning, even though swimming is officially prohibited. 
It is well known that even if the metropolis does not score with great harbors or beautiful beach bays on the Mediterranean, the locals are characterized by a great love for water. The Spree, the Havel, the Wannsee and many other bodies of water make the city so uniquely watery. 
It is not for nothing that you can find many unusual and interesting places along the banks of the Spree or other lakes or canals. So also the Sisyphos has a lot of water to offer. 
There is also a beach with many sofas that will come in handy later in the evening (or rather in the morning).

The first dance floor is located in a wooden hut in the style of Bar 25 or the Club of Visionaries. Under the old lampshades you can hear minimal electro music. 
Ravers dancing and partying excessively, trance-like and euphoric. 
We are surprised by this unique dance space. Around 1:30 am, the large main building without a roof opens its doors. Inside, a small dance floor and, behind a series of corridors, another much larger one. 
There, a kind of rock concert mixed with techno is played. Original, not bad, but a bit soft, I like it harder. 
Also, the full DJ lineup is rarely announced, which means there are often pleasant surprises – like in 2017 when Scooter played there. Yes the original Scooter with frontman H.P. Baxxter!

Sisyphos Club - Berlin // Analog 35mm

The secrecy and longevity of the parties can lead to some confusion about whether or not they are open. Fortunately, the operators have created a website that tells you if the place is still open. Just follow the link at the top here on this website from clubguideberlin.

Hours pass without noticing, busy as we fidget with the right sound that is broadcast everywhere. 
Of the two dance floors, the main one pulsates to techno and techno house while the smaller one offers funkier beats, the crowd great. 
The atmosphere is good, the crowd is mixed and we make friends. I decide to go outside, it’s 4:30, the day is starting to dawn…
visitors who are into the music get lost in the music. 
Later, when the low sun is filtered through the clouds, fatigue is felt by me. 
I’ll go to bed just fine, but the 15-minute walk puts me off. And my date partner is indefatigable, wanting to keep dancing. 
I quickly realize what else the club has to offer, the sofas. 
So the sofas become the centerpiece. Comfortably installed on the sand, spread out under the sun, they welcome the sleepers with open arms. 
I rest my head on an armrest, close my eyes, feel the warmth and the delicate breath of the day, hear the music in the distance, the Spaniards speak loudly…

The areas around the main building are wasteland with mattresses, sofas, rubble and abandoned cars. Perfect for chilling out and hanging out.

I wake up some time later. This time, all the couches are occupied. 
Hardcore guests get hand stamps that allow access over a 48-hour period, which means some hardcore souls are on the floor all weekend (toothbrushes are on sale).

We chat quietly, we meet our sofa neighbors, we eat a pizza made by the Sisyphus‘ cook or an apple sold at the bar, we adjust our sunglasses…
Again and again the techno sound can be heard. But also for all non-techno disciples the visit is worthwhile. Because there are some nice crazies like fairy tale hours, sauna or a cocktail freak show besides exuberant party atmosphere.

and back to me: it goes after getting up already again to the beach under the open sky! 
It’s guaranteed not to get bored.

Sisyphos Festival Berlin

That is, when the weather is nice. Finally I left around 12 o’clock, unable to stand the heat of the sun… and when I arrived home, the first raindrops fell. 
It’s a rule of life locally, where often the weather is very nice in the morning and ugly in the afternoon. Just right for Berlin nightlife. In the end, on the other hand, it’s better to go to bed in the afternoon than early in the morning! 
Although Sisyphos unmistakably brings back memories of Bar 25, it is very authentic. 
As mentioned, the club is best reached by a free shuttle bus from the Ostkreuz S-Bahn station.

Jeannette & Eva

This Sisyphos Club is a must for parties, and for good reason. 
No wonder, the area at the Rummelsburger Bucht with its small pond, bars, toys, sandy beach, sofas, couches, construction trailers or seesaws and sand toys strongly reminds of the legendary Bar 25.

Old brick buildings, several dance floors, squat style decoration reminiscent of Bar 25 – Kater Holzig style, several small wooden booths, bars, restaurants and a kiosk, all open air decorated in festival style…It‘
s not always easy to set foot in a legendary club. In Berlin you were told about a nice little shed called Berghain, then a revealing Kit Kat to discover the skin ready to be touched; you were also told about a famous vault, a mythical/old myth. 
The legendary Silverwings at Tempelhof Airport, more than 50 years old.

A few days ago we decided to leave the center for a summer trip to the outskirts of the city and dive into the cave of the now famous Sisyphus. Yes, thats it!

At the entrance to the pleasure grounds, bouncers put stickers on the phones to prevent partygoers from being photographed inside. Once inside, you can rest on the pontoon of the pond, around the campfire and even on the hood of a tractor! 
What we knew was that the club was famous for its hybrid programming, its warm atmosphere mixed with a fairy-tale squatter atmosphere, where you could party from Friday to Sunday without a break.

The outside leads directly into a room of the house. You have to cross a hallway full of light bulbs to get to the big techno room where the music is loud and the crowd is raging! 
This inimitable dance floor where dancing, relaxing and flirting could give each other the word for hours, for hours, for hours. 
It’s all there to guarantee hours of frenetic partying for the club-goers, despite the geographical location of the area, which is just outside the center!

So far, nothing surprising for an innovative Berlin. But for us little tourist girls who are used to sweaty, overflowing clubs, this open air location is a bit like a hidden treasure (no pun intended) that you don’t share at any price. 
The Sisy can be considered established at the moment, and is heavy among the dance-hungry night owls.

17 Sisyphos

In short it seems as if the coolest festivals and the hottest dance floors and beach parties merged into one gigantic material space, between the benevolence and wildness of the party, the rescue and liberation of bodies, house and techno, the Sisyphos is a bit like a location where you end up almost by accident and follow the local Berliners. It’s fire, straight, happy and private please! The dream of every party goer, right?


Typical Berlin: The SisyphosOriginally it 
was planned to visit the Rosi’s again, but at the last moment we spontaneously decided to visit the location. This area, which is located in the east of Friedrichshain, is known as a club that gets more interesting in the early morning. Many people come here for an after party, but the location is also famous for its open airs. 
Although Lichtenberg sounds quite far away, the train station you need to go to is called Rummelsburg, just one stop further east than Ostkreuz S-Bahn station. 
Before that, it might be wise to buy a „beer for the road“, because it will take you about 20 minutes to get to Hauptstraße 15 on a nice evening walk. 
Sisyphos is located in an old dog biscuit factory on Hauptstraße, in the Lichtenberg district.

Another note for visitors who want to go to the location for the first time:
If you look only at the distance, the station Betriebsbahnhof Rummelsburg is much closer, but this station is almost impossible to reach, because no roads lead there. There is a huge railroad area there, including a very large ICE operating workshop. 
From my own experience I can tell you that it is quite an adventure to reach this station in the middle of the night and it will not save you any time in the end.

The Sisy is one of the few dance temples that stay open continuously and can be seen all weekend!

The fact that Sisyphos is a dance club where it’s better to arrive a little later only came to our attention when we were already inside. There are just as many dance floors in Berlin that are filled beforehand, but you don’t go to the Sisy until later.

Although we didn’t expect the place to be completely packed at 00:30, we were a bit disappointed when we walked in and there were only twenty people inside. 
Talking to a staff member always helps at times like this, so I quickly went to the bartender.

After one of the bartenders explained to us that the party here is a slow starter and never really starts until 03:00, we knew we just had to be patient. The place has a huge outdoor area with a beach, a small stream running along small wooden structures, several bars and even a pizza truck! 
The two-hour wait was no problem at all, as the site offers plenty of activity, even without many visitors. 
Greek mythology tells the story of Sisyphus, who was punished for his misdeeds and sentenced to the eternal task of rolling a large stone to the top of a hill. And he does it over and over again, to no avail. 
Maybe that’s the way you should party here: endlessly! 
Especially the outdoor area with its garden is very unique and offers several bars and lots of seating. Walking around here, the whole area seems more like a small village than a single club.

That the bartender was not joking was also evident in the fact that the largest interior room of the Tamzlocation does not open its doors until 03:00, quite bizarre when I consider that discos in my hometown are not allowed to stay open after 02:30.

As for the music, we start with the atmosphere in the Winter Garden, a small chalet where DJs play a series of high-quality sets, before moving on to a darker atmosphere in the Hammah Hall, where the incredible sound system offers a breathtaking experience. 
Various dance floors inside, a large area to drink, eat and chill outside and a variety of artists performing every now and then: This area feels more like a festival.

Sisyphos ein sonntag

Besides the outdoor area, where there is also a kiosk, some great benches and lots of graffiti, there are two indoor areas at Sisyphos. 
One of them is open all night and starts to get a bit crowded around 01:30. 
The other one, as already mentioned, opens later but fills up very quickly. The music styles differ between house, electro and techno.

The decoration consists of strange objects hanging on the walls or from the ceiling, like dolls, artificial flowers, peculiar lampshades, along with the indispensable disco balls, kitsch as always.

You can rest on one of the comfortable benches or, if you like it a little less traditional, sit in the big truck parked in the middle of the garden. 
Outside you can sit on a sofa, eat a vegetarian pizza or ride one of the playground animals.

The truck, on the other hand, is a kind of symbol of the style of Sisyphus. 
Many things in this amusement show the many different possibilities that the City has to offer. 
Here you can hear German mixed with English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. 
Next to the truck there is a bonfire and you can choose to sit on an island in the middle of a small body of water.

An incredibly breathtaking feeling of freedom.

It always amazes me that such things, which seem impossible in many other countries in Europe, are very common in Berlin. 
There’s no question that the club right on the water is very popular.

Holland, for example, is not known as a country with many restrictions, but such things would certainly be prohibited.

Accordingly, numerous ravers make a pilgrimage to Sisy during the summer months. The 
prices here s are the same as in many discos in the city:
The beers, Pilsner Urquell or Kindl, cost from 3,00 (0,33l bottle) and shots are available for from 2,50.

There are often free shuttle buses from the Ostkreuz S-Bahn station.

If you compare the area with other places here, it is not very easy to reach. 
You can also take a cab, but remember to say that you want to go to the main street to Lichtenberg. This is important because there are several streets with this name in Berlin.

Otherwise you might end up in Schöneberg at Havanna, by the way, also a great dance place where there are mainly Latin parties.

Sisyphos #berlin

But still, I would highly recommend visiting the Sisy. 
As a visitor to the metropolis, one of your goals must be to see some locations that represent the typical Berlin style and the Sisyphos is definitely one of them. 
The club is almost always open from Friday to Monday, but to be on the safe side, check their website to find out if the lurchers are really inviting. 
The location has great music to offer, the atmosphere is relaxed and the garden is a playground in itself.

Nora und Bernd

isyphos at Hauptstraße 15 in Lichtenberg is a place like no other. It’s a festival, it’s a club, it’s a beach, it’s a bar, it’s Alice’s Wonderland. Here you will find a variety of ways to have fun. With a huge chill-out area, an abandoned bus, a small lake surrounded by sand, a pizzeria and a maze of dance floors, you can lose yourself for hours or maybe even days in this abandoned dog food factory.
Nightlife venues in Berlin can be roughly divided into two groups; the dark techno clubs, which often have a more chill atmosphere, and the more hippie-like floors with lots of wood and colored lights, where visitors wear a lot more color and sometimes even some glitter on their faces. Sisyphos, with its colorful decor and many colorful visitors, falls into the second category and is a real summer club with its large outdoor area that closes for a few months every winter.

It is a magical village where unforgettable parties are held every two weeks. You will feel in a world of joy, happiness and freedom and probably get a little sad when it’s time to go. It is the perfect refuge for those who are looking for an original party experience and for those who want to get to know an undiscovered part of the city.
If the weather is bad or the sun gets too much, you can always visit the industrial and dark atmosphere inside the Hammer Hall.

Also, their staff is probably made up of the friendliest people working in the clubs you can find in Berlin.
They even have a vegetarian pizza truck ready to feed the ravenous clubbers.

The best clubbing times here are usually all weekend and when the weather is particularly nice.

Door Policy: The bouncers here aren’t as bad as in other establishments, but be patient: you’ll be in line for quite a while. Eventually they will ask you if you’ve been there before, and as always, large groups are not welcome.


The nightlife of the capital is of course our main motivation to go here, but there were other sights we don’t want to deprive you of.
First, we fly in early in the morning at BER airport in Schönefeld.
In the arrivals hall, we pick up a Berlin WelcomeCard at the Visit Berlin counter. This gives us access to public transportation and discounts on attractions for 5 days. We choose the ABC zone, so the card is already valid for the trip to the city center. This is important because sometimes just the stations in the C area near the airport are controlled and if you only buy AB you ride there without a valid ticket.
It turns out to be easy to travel from the airport to the center of Berlin. This can be done by train or by S-Bahn, a kind of above ground subway. Which is cheapest depends on the location of your hotel. We took the train to Alexanderplatz, the square with the famous TV tower, and there we changed to the subway to our hotel near Checkpoint Charlie.
After lunch we go to Hackescher Markt, reachable by S-Bahn S5 or S75. Here we look at the Hackesche Höfe at Rosenthaler Straße 40: a series of courtyards connected to each other. The Art Nouveau facades of the buildings are beautiful to look at.
This is also the meeting point for a guided walking tour of the city. In 4 hours we see a lot of Berlin and get a lot of information. We continue:

  • The Museum Island and the beautiful Berlin Cathedral.
  • The Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church on Kurfürstendamm
  • The Gendarmenmarkt, one of the most beautiful squares in Berlin
  • The Humboldt University and the Bebelplatz
  • Checkpoint Charlie, the famous border crossing from the Cold War
  • The Großer Stern with the Goldelse and next to it the Bellevue Palace, seat of the German President
  • The Reichstag: the seat of the German parliament with the beautiful glass dome
  • The Brandenburg Gate: a beautiful monument and symbol of the reunification of West and East Berlin
  • Berlin’s largest park, the Tiergarten

Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, with the Kurfürstendamm as its highlight, was once the pulsating heart of Berlin. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, however, the districts of Mitte and Prenzlauer Berg became more popular and Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf was somewhat forgotten. Nevertheless, you can still find the typical stately Berlin here.
Until 1920, the district of Spandau was still an independent city and therefore still has its own identity and atmosphere. Highlight? The old town of Spandau.
Steglitz-Zehlendorf is a district that is especially popular in the summer because of the many green spaces in the form of city parks and botanical gardens.
The highlight of the Tempelhof-Schöneberg district is Tempelhof Airport, where today you can stroll along the long runways. The famous KaDeWe department store is also located here.
If you want to enjoy a lot of art in Berlin, you don’t necessarily have to buy an expensive ticket for one of the many museums. You can simply find it on the street, in the most unexpected places.
Especially in the form of street art, because Berlin has a rich graffiti culture. It emerged in West Berlin after the construction of the Berlin Wall. After the fall of the Wall, this also shifted to the East.
Although you can spot street art all over the city, there is one place that stands out for me: the East Side Gallery. This is the longest remaining piece of the Berlin Wall. After the fall, the remains, 1.3 km long in total, were covered with impressive artworks by international artists. All in the name of freedom.

If we may give another tip when it comes to street art; the RAW grounds are also a beautiful place. On the former railroad depot you will find factory halls full of clubs and exhibitions. Try to spot a blank piece of wall here!
The RAW turns into a nightlife hotspot at night with several clubs.
On our last night, after RAW, we went back to Sisyphos.

Typical location, open all weekend. Located in a former dog galley factory. There are several dance polls, street food stalls, outdoor party areas, scenes with installations by Kreuzberg street artists and the „love“ stalls of the toilets. Many foreign magazines wrote about this institution, calling it „out of this world“, as well as the best place in the world for hippies.
It is located in the east of Berlin and has a lighter door policy and a real festival atmosphere. The area has a huge outdoor space with dance floor, chill-out spots, hammocks, abandoned cars and tree houses.
You might wonder if it’s a good idea to drive there since it’s a bit remote, but don’t worry: you can take a shuttle bus from Ostkreuz to get there. And here’s another party rat tip: save some money for the way back. After partying for so many hours, the only thing you’ll want is a cab to drop you off right outside the place you’re staying.

Sisyphos Festival Berlin

People often drive here on a sunny Saturday afternoon and stay until Monday. Tech house is played in the huge warehouse-style main room, and lighter house and minimal selections are played on the second chandelier-adorned dance floor.


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