Watergate Berlin

Address:Falckensteinstr. 49a
Google Maps:Google Route Planner “ Watergate Berlin
Opening Hours: Thu-Sat 23:00
Prices/Entrance::Entrance from 15 euros
Special features:Beautifully designed club, good acoustics.
Music styles:Drum + Bass – Electro – House – Techno


The name of the Watergate Berlin has nothing to do with the scandal of the same name! No, the name simply comes from the fact that the event location is located on the water, namely on the banks of the Spree. In the summer, guests also like to go out behind the building and let their legs – and their souls – dangle from the jetty, which juts out into the Spree. Inside the Kreuzberg nightclub, two dance floors are spread over two floors. Downstairs on the first floor, the view through the large windows goes directly out onto the Spree. In the dance floor, which is quite simply furnished and casual, guests prefer to dance to electro, house and techno hits. The cozy bars are ideal for having a drink with friends. The location is on Falckensteinstraße in Kreuzberg and is easy to reach by public transport. The nearest subway station is Schlesisches Tor. Dress code: Elegant clothes stay in the closet!

Watergate berlin.jpg
By <a href=“//commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Wildtierreservat“ title=“User:Wildtierreservat“>Wildtierreservat</a> – <span class=“int-own-work“ lang=“en“>Own work</span>, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

The electro club is located directly in a new building on the Spree between Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg. So this dancefloor already has a perfect location. But what about the location inside, the music and of course the parties? One thing can be said at this point, the location is definitely worth a visit. Whether a party-hungry audience or demanding music lovers, in the Watergate all guests come fully at their Electro costs.

The dance floor is very well attended until the early morning hours. Of course, this is also ensured by the numerous local and international DJs. Whether house, techno or electro, the electronic music genres are covered here.

Chic and modern furnishings It is ideally located and of course, then it should not lack appealing and classy furnishings. Inside, there are numerous seating options in the form of leather seating groups. The light tubes on the ceiling provide the necessary atmosphere. The breathtaking view over the Spree River is certainly impressive. This can be enjoyed by every party guest due to the very large glass front. When the sun goes down, a colorful play of colors appears.

Almost every year the area gets a completely new, always very stylish decor. This decoration together with the sophisticated light and sound system creates a unique atmosphere, which is known far beyond the borders of Germany.

Wategate Dancefloor Berlin 2008.jpg
By cyphunk – <a rel=“nofollow“ class=“external free“ href=“https://www.flickr.com/photos/deadhacker/2233152714″>https://www.flickr.com/photos/deadhacker/2233152714</a>, CC BY-SA 2.0, Link

Cool drinks and good cocktails Of course, Club Watergate also provides the necessary cooling. At the bars, the staff serves the guests the ordered cold drinks. On the main floor, which is one floor higher, peaktime hits are played. The party goes on until sunrise every weekend. It now enjoys a very good reputation among the old-timers. No wonder, because the music is good and the party is always exuberant. The parties are called Circle Session, Nightclub, Vitamin, Klassik Lounge … . On the homepage of the event location, these parties can of course be read.

Event location | New Year’s Eve party

At the Warschauer Brücke in the middle of Berlin, guests of all ages celebrate. Whether young students or successful businessmen, everyone is welcome at Watergate. Those who have a well-groomed appearance and good manners will certainly have no problems with admission. It is not only the Berliners themselves who like to party long hours in one of the currently hottest clubs in the city. More and more tourists are also drawn to this electro location.  Every year, the New Year’s Eve party is celebrated here with a fat line-up into the new year. The Watergate is an absolute must for every fan of an exuberant and atmospheric electro party night.

Upcoming events



Ralle :

When it comes to partying, Berlin is one of the most popular cities in the world. The extreme opening hours, solid line-up and reasonable prices are just some of the reasons why people love the local nightlife.

In every city there is a different style of party. 
Although every now and then a room has to close (e.g. Kater Holzig, Magdalena), there are some institutions that are simply inseparable from the city. Watergate is one of these attractions and definitely worth a visit.

It has the best view among the different locations.

It was founded in 2002 and since then it has been one of the main players in the nightlife. The disco is a very popular dance floor because of its location directly on the Spree River and the music. Ultimately, the ambience is exceptional, modern and invites superstars from all over the world.

Initially, this was the area that opened in 2002, an underground club known only to the scene-savvy party crowd. Techno and house, some soul and drum ’n‘ bass were played here. 
The fan base was die-hard but manageable; it wasn’t one of the large number of discos that briefly blossomed and then disappeared again. With the Watergate, however, it was different.

It always tried to bring a mix between international DJs and long-established DJs. The local DJs bring a lot of local audience and they bring a different kind of party.

Thus, an attempt was made to strike a balance between established and emerging artists

Watergate is often mentioned in the same breath as clubs like Berghain and Kater Blau, but in my opinion it is quite different from most other eastern clubs. Most establishments on this side of the wall tend to be dark, raw and down to earth. 
The club on the border between Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg was futuristic-chic from the beginning and gradually developed into a top address. The makers opted for more sophisticated music, and the venue ended up in international city guides. 
Today, it’s not uncommon to pay 15 euros for admission. 
Sometimes it even became „Schicki Micki“ 

In 2008, for example, supermodel Kate Moss ennobled this place with her visit. She presented her then new perfume. Since then, at the latest, the city’s beautiful and chic have sometimes felt called to make this dance venue their home. Bouncers moved in, prices went up, and so did the height of the stilettos. 
But the philosophy, in the end, has always been to create a space where everything revolves around the music, and people go there for the music.

Today, the trick is often to get past the bouncers. Smart clothes help, ladies are always welcome, just don’t show up too early. From one, two o’clock it becomes interesting
Located directly on the Spree.

By <a href=“//commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Lear_21″ title=“User:Lear 21″>Lear 21</a> – <span class=“int-own-work“ lang=“en“>Own work</span>, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

The popularity has a lot to do with the location. Watergate is right on the Spree and through a glass wall you can see the Oberbaumbrücke and the Spree when you dance downstairs. It now has the reputation of being one of the hottest clubs in Berlin.

If you decide to visit, be sure to enjoy the early morning sunrise. Especially from the balcony, which is literally on the Spree, you have a great view over the water.

Sandra :

The Watergate in Kreuzberg is one of the hottest techno & house clubs in Berlin.

If you like solid lineups and famous DJs from all over the world, you will love the lineup. The top DJs offer a wide range of different rhythms and really step on the gas. 
This floor features very famous names when it comes to electronic music. Names like Pan-Pot, Anja Schneider, Sven Väth, Paul Kalkbrenner and Oliver Koletzki have played here and still come by from time to time. In most countries, a line-up like this would cost at least 30€, but here the entrance fee is currently always 15€. Although this entrance fee is a bit higher than most other dance spaces in the city, it is still very reasonable considering the line-up and location. If you go here you get a lot in return: your favorite DJ might perform, and the location is spectacular, especially if you stay and dance until the wee hours of the morning.

In 2012 the venue celebrated its 10th birthday. On the DVD „Ten years Watergate“ you will find a great video about the last 10 years, the atmosphere, the music and the people. 
Already 10 years was true in short: If you want to dance mighty on the dancefloor again, this is definitely the right place. 
In December 2013, this video was published 
on Youtube and you can watch the video here. It is a film by Stathis Klotsikas.

The only question is whether the bouncers will let you in. 
The door policy isn’t as harsh as Berghain or Kater Blau, but there’s still a chance you won’t get in. Make sure you behave yourself when you’re in line, and it might help to know who will be performing that night.

Security is sometimes picky, though you can’t score extra points with the finest wardrobe. This is because a certain outfit or dress code is not the order of the day. 
Especially on popular nights, it can get quite crowded, and then the bouncer 
will make his selection. It’s best to arrive in small groups, and a mix of men and women is always better than a bunch of drunk guys.

And Party and Party and Party, at the Watergate Club with a gigantic light show above the dance floor.


One of the most stylish clubs in Berlin:

Watergate is located between two of the most popular districts: Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg.

It is divided into two areas: On the first floor there is the floor described in the previous paragraph, called Waterfloor. From here you can access the balcony and there are some sofas to chill.

Musically, electro and house are still strongly represented, in between also drum ’n‘ bass. The lineup consists of both resident DJs, but DJs with well-known names are also booked. However, it is tried to stand with both feet firmly in the underground. Internationally renowned DJs such as Sven Väth, Paul Kalkbrenner or Kenny Larkin from Detroit play here, techno co-founder Richie Hawtin always pays his respects to the dance area at Oberbaumbrücke. 
The DJs are really close to the people, and you wouldn’t understand that if they were located high up and you couldn’t see them. That’s what it’s all about: the DJ shouldn’t be this superstar figure, they’re normal people. They should be interacting with the dancefloor.

Since 2008, the location has its own label series, where interesting CDs are released. 
Besides the Waterfloor there is also the Mainfloor and this area is famous for the impressive light installation. Almost the entire roof of this floor is one big disco light. 
Many lighting designers wonder where the light installations come from, who came up with the ideas and who installed them. There is already another discotheque in the world that has copied the lighting concept almost 1 to 1. 
Even the name was copied: In New York there is a dance palace with a monthly night called Watergate, and they even wrote in the press that the organizer was here and wanted to bring the Berlin atmosphere home. 
But we have to remember: you can copy the lights, but you have to have someone, artistically, to make them look beautiful. You can copy them and color them, but you have to match them to the music and take care of them. You have to have people who really know and care about what they’re doing. So in the end, the light jockeys 
decide the success of the light show. 
There are always new ideas to inspire the visitors. 
For many years, the label also organized open-air parties at the Rummelsburger Bucht. Once a summer, the party community met here to techno rhythms. Whether these open air parties still exist I don’t know. 
The best is undisputedly the „Waterfloor“. This is the dance floor directly at the water. The large window front offers an unobstructed view of the nightly illuminated Oberbaumbrücke, and on balmy nights you can step out onto the terrace and continue dancing outside. There’s something about that. 
Imagine a disco where you can party all night and then watch the sun rise over the cityscape all morning. 
Quite a few visitors have experienced their most beautiful sunrise over the city here. Visitors agree: this view is a real unique selling point for the Watergate.

Imagine a club where the sound system knocks out decibels with a clarity you never thought possible. Imagine a house where even the ceiling is an integral part of the party. 
Party on.


Watergate is one of the most famous nightclubs in Berlin. 
In addition to the finest music from the house, electro and techno 
genres, the party crowd is also drawn here mainly because of the unique location directly on the Spree.

It wasn’t always clear that this would be the case. First they tried Drum & Bass Nights – a genre that was in decline in the German capital at the time. They were also located in an area – Kreuzberg – dominated by a diverser scene and more fashionable venues, caused a stir. A streamlining of the program to quality house and techno, a stunning view of the river and an LED ceiling later, and it has become the stuff of legends. For 
the lineup of upcoming parties, check out Watergate’s Facebook & Instagram or their official website. To get in the right mood, it might also be cool to take a look at the website under „Label“: There you can find many great tracks and live performances.

The venue attracts an appealing mix of serious visitors and people who just want to enjoy the place and take pleasure in the atmosphere the place creates. If you like what you hear, rejoice: the venue also has its own record label.

And further, as I said, the immediate location on the water, on the Oberbaumbrücke between Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain, offers guests a beautiful view. Thus, not only tourists, but also nature lovers are attracted to the floating terrace in the summer. Alternatively, in the cold season, you can enjoy an unobstructed view of the Spree River thanks to the spacious window front, as the water goes directly to the lower edge of the window.

The decor is pretty darn chic, with lots of glass and a somewhat minimalist aesthetic. It spans two floors and is located right on the banks of the Spree River. Muted earth tones have been showcased well in the design, and there’s a stylish bar area where you can purchase a drink before being lured onto the dance floor. 
There’s also an outdoor smoking patio for those who can’t get rid of the nasty weed. As if that wasn’t enough, the venue is known for its LED light bar that runs the length of the club.

Berlin’s clubbing scene is internationally renowned, and this electro-disco is one of the standout venues in a city that has no shortage of spaces to dance until dawn. This cool Kreuzberg area regularly attracts well-known DJs as well as DJ talent, and the music is a mix of house, techno and electro. There are two main rooms („Waterfloor“ and „Main Floor“) that welcome an international crowd. This includes a huge light organ as well as some flat, stylish leather seats. 
Large windows are a highlight, offering gorgeous views of the river, with curtains opened to let in the light at the end of the night, which, this being Berlin, naturally extends well into the morning. 
However, no one is bothered by the manageable inventory; after all, the international and local audience still comes to the shed primarily for the good music.

Watergate Nightclub Berlin Bar.jpg
By TechCrunch – <a rel=“nofollow“ class=“external free“ href=“https://www.flickr.com/photos/techcrunch/10575206625/“>https://www.flickr.com/photos/techcrunch/10575206625/</a>, CC BY 2.0, Link

It is not the cheapest discotheque, usually the entrance costs at least 15Euro. 
All in all, it is definitely worth your time and money to visit Watergate at least once in your life. 
It’s a great location to greet the sunrise in the metropolis to hip music and cold drinks. It has, as described, two spacious floors, 
one above the other, which offer enough space for dancing.

It may not have the typical big city style like some other clubs, but it has a great location and if you love techno and electronic music, you will definitely enjoy this dance floor.

Nina & MrT

We spent a week in the heart of „trendy“ Kreuzberg with a great Airbnb host and luckily arrived at the beginning of a much needed sunny time.
It was straight into the nightlife and a place we’ve been to many times before, Watergate.
Stylish and sleek, with fantastic LED disco lights illuminating the tunnel-like main dance floor and bar, Watergate is one of the more modern clubs in the metropolis.
The lower dance floor, with windows all along the wall, is located on the platform right on the water of the Spree River. At eight o’clock in the morning, the transparent wall is hung behind the DJ and the after-party begins, which lasts until the end. Next to it there is a very comfortable chilout with sofas and access to the terrace – the open part of the platform with wooden decking. The bar without queues and with friendly bartenders sells beer from €3 and champagne from €30 per bottle.
There is a strict no photography policy. If you even try, within a second you will see security waving their hands and blocking your photo. That’s why there are few photos of Watergate adventures, mostly just pictures from outside.

Thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows and the terrace located directly on the water, you have an incredible view over the Spree River from the dance floor.
In terms of design, comfort, location and program, it is probably one of the best clubs.
The upstairs dance floor is like a spaceship for 400 people. It’s a marvel of lighting and sound engineering: plasma screens are built into the floor and ceiling, and the sound is the purest. At the beginning of the club week there are parties with experimental electronics, on weekends there are eternal values like Wagon Repair, Circus Company, Upon You, Cadenza, etc.

The club attracts well-known electro and techno DJs; research the lineup before planning a night here – especially since the bouncers may quiz you about the DJ du jour.
A separate area of the club – the restrooms – is located at the end of each dance floor and is more of a platform for socializing. Feel free to go into the same booth with your two or three new friends, and don’t be surprised if you come out of there five or six times at a time.
Berlin has so much to offer that we can’t possibly list all the many things to do, especially since the capital’s nightlife rarely sleeps. Here are some of our favorite things; some we stumbled upon, others came as recommendations, and some purely classic must-see tourist activities. Presented are our top picks for Berlin.

First things first: make the best use of public transportation.
On the map, Berlin may seem quite compact, but it is not. In fact, the German capital is 8 times the size of Paris. So don’t even think about exploring everything on foot. Especially if you want to discover the more distant and less known districts.

The city has an extensive network of buses, suburban trains, subways and streetcars. You rarely have to walk long distances to find a bus, subway or streetcar stop. And in many cases, there is no need to change trains. So be sure to make the most of it to see as much of the city as possible!

The most beautiful square in Berlin the Gendarmenmarkt.
The city has a lot of squares, but Gendarmenmarkt is definitely the most beautiful square for me. And I’m not the only one, by the way; just google „most beautiful square in Berlin“ and you’ll always end up here.

Why is the square so popular? It’s surrounded by beautiful buildings with a long history. The same goes for the square itself; it owes its name to the Gens d’Armes regiment that resided here in the 18th century. At that time there were barracks, a guard post and stables.

You don’t see them there anymore. What do you see? A beautiful French and German cathedral and – my personal favorite – the 18th century concert hall. An added bonus: the edge of the square is lined with cozy terraces.
We head back to Hackescher Markt, where we meet our city guide for the day. Together we take the S-Bahn to Branden Burger Tor, the Reichstag, and then west to Kurfürstendamm, which means Gedächtniskirche, Europa Center, and KaDeWe.
Not so familiar with public transportation? Then you can’t go wrong either. On buses, subways and streetcars, the next stop is always announced and also displayed on screens and neon signs.

Buy a Berlin Welcome Card at the airport for the time you spend in the city. You can use all public transportation without restrictions and get discounts on various attractions and tours. A lot of money saved together!

Back in Kreuzberg, we take the subway to Warschauer Straße, where you can also find the Watergate Club. From here we walk to the Spree River and the East Side Gallery. Here a long section of the original Berlin Wall has been painted by artists. A must see for those who love street art and photography!
There are many flea markets locally, especially on the weekends. The flea market in Mauerpark is one of the most famous and fun. In Berlin you have a unique opportunity to visit an airport closed since 2008: Tempelhof Airport. The runway is now a city park.
On the last evening of our short trip we went once again to Watergate, a place known by tourists and locals alike. It’s a discotheque where techno is played by some very well-known DJs.
It’s a split-level, two-room nightclub overlooking the Spree River and is considered one of the most prominent electronic venues in Berlin. Compared to the other clubs in the city, Watergate is very stylishly designed and known for its wall-to-wall LED light installation covering the main dance floor, inseveral a bit better lit than Berghain.
If you want to escape the crowds of partygoers, you can head to a cozy waterfront terrace.
We arrived at the club around 4am. Rumor has it that Watergate is pretty hard to get into. However, there was no line in front of the entrance and we were able to get in easily. The entrance fee was 15 euros.
The club is popular for its spectacular terrace over the Spree River, and after a night on the town, it’s great to watch the sunrise again.

Watergate Nightclub Berlin Terrace.jpg
By Uploaded – <a rel=“nofollow“ class=“external free“ href=“https://www.flickr.com/photos/uploaded/36381196265/“>https://www.flickr.com/photos/uploaded/36381196265/</a>, CC BY 2.0, Link

The main floor upstairs was busy, so we headed downstairs to the Waterfloor and met up with other travel acquaintances. There were plenty of free couches downstairs, and since my friend had partied a lot earlier in the evening, he sat in a lounge for the rest of the evening while I enjoyed the atmosphere and danced with the others on the dance floor.
Note: On a Saturday, the line to get in can be incredibly long.

Progressive, deep house and minimal techno tunes play on the waterfloor and electro, fluffy house and trance tracks play upstairs in the smaller room.
Looking for a less raucous club where you can party until the sun comes up? Then head to Watergate, one of East Berlin’s most legendary clubs, right between the two districts of Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg.


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