Soda Club Berlin

District:Prenzlauer Berg
Address:Schönhauser Allee 36 Kulturbrauerei
Google Maps: route planner
Opening hours: Thu from 19h, Fri + Sat 23h, Sun from 19h
Prices/Entrance:depends on event
Specials:often free entrance for ladies
Styles of music: Black Music – Dance Classics – House – R’n’B
Type:Club – Location for rent

Soda Berlin

There’s something going on at the Soda Berlin Club. It doesn’t always have to be Kreuzberg when it comes to partying „alternative“! Also in Prenzlauer Berg – or better „Prenzelberg“ in Berlinish – affordable parties can be enjoyed, especially in the building of the „Kulturbrauerei„, which has known how to hold its own against its competitors here for many years. The location in the „Kulturbrauerei“ (in Schönhauser Allee, cheapest subway station: Eberswalder Straße) scores with low drink prices and is therefore especially popular with students and young tourists. Four days a week, between Thursday and Sunday, there is a party at Soda. The preferred music styles are salsa, soul, and rhythm and blues and hip hop. On Fridays, women get free admission and drink vouchers for Ladies Night; gentlemen may pay. On Saturdays, you can party to black music, hip hop or even electro at the High Fidelity Club. For a change of pace, some party guests also like to play a round of billiards in the billiards lounge. Dance-loving people who are into Latin American style but feel a little insecure about salsa dancing could book a salsa class at Soda. These classes always take place in the early evening on Thursday and Sunday before the party! And after the successfully finished Salsa course, it’s twice as much fun to hit the dance floor …


In the heart of the trendy district of Prenzlauer Berg on the grounds of the Kulturbrauerei, the location offers its audience a location of the finest. Centrally located, very close to the subway station Eberswalder Strasse, the guests celebrate and dance until the sun rises over the rooftops of Berlin and simply leave the everyday life behind in the ambience of the lavishly designed rooms of the Soda.

Soda Berlin – Dancefloors – Music – New Year’s Eve

With its 5 floors, the place is one of the largest locations in Berlin and spoils its guests with a diverse selection of music. R’n’B, and the current disco sound are played as well as dance classics. He is known for his super sound as well as for his hot Salsa and Merengue rhythms, which give the guests a feeling while celebrating, as they usually only know it from vacations. The New Year’s Eve party will be celebrated in the entire Kulturbrauerei, and of course the Soda will be there.

Completely relaxed, the audience can move between the floors at will, because all rooms are cleverly connected with each other. In a great ambience, comfortable couches and lounge corners invite you to relax and in a relaxed bar atmosphere, delicious drinks spoil the taste buds and souls of the guests.

Soda Berlin – Salsa Mambo Dancing

If guests would like it a bit more private during a party, they have the option of renting a private lounge here. Just as varied as the music is the program that the dance hall offers night owls. On Fridays, the rhythms of the „Ladies Night“ invite the audience to leave the stress of the week behind just as much as the sound of the High Fidelity series on Saturdays.

Friday Night is Ladies Night! The make-up fits, the high heels fit perfectly and the cocktails are already chilled for you. With the best DJs we celebrate the most unforgettable nights of the city. On 5 different floors the endless music universe of R’n’B, Urban Dance, Techno, Electro, Crossover and Millennium awaits you. So on girls – it’s dance time. And everyone knows; Even „man“ can not start the WE better!

Saturdays: High Fidelity The night belongs to you. On 5 different floors it doesn’t matter if you love R’n’B, Techno or Electro – with us you will find the bass that makes your heart jump! In addition, the residents guarantee the best dance mood to Millennium, Crossover and Urban Dance. So friends of the night, love and live with us the hottest rhythms of the city as if there were no tomorrow!

The icing on the cake are sometimes the parties, which are offered on Thursday and Sunday and also enjoy great popularity. Here you can dance salsa, kizzomba and mambo to Caribbean sounds. Before each party, a dance class is offered, which always takes place one hour before the start of the parties. Thus, beginners as well as advanced dancers can enjoy the vacation flair at Soda.

Soda Social Klub Salsa Cubana, Bachata, Rueda, Kizomba & Zouk Start: 19.00 LA VIDA LOCA – every Thursday and Sunday here in the Kulturbrauerei. Here Afro- and Latin-American music styles are not only played, at Soda Social they are lived, danced and celebrated. With the best DJs and dance instructors in the scene, every night will be special, all dance classes hold a lot of new things and every night will be unforgettable. On all floors there is a one-hour dance instruction from 19 o’clock and attention, the entry is possible at any time and without prior registration whether alone or in pairs. From 20 o’clock begins then suitably to the music directions the party, with which the preceding learned dance steps can be converted directly. So what are you waiting for? Come by and let yourself be carried away by the music and dance what you feel. Cool drinks to cool down will be provided by the best bartenders in town 😉 Program Thursdays

19:00 Dance instruction Salsa (OG)

19:00 Dance instruction Bachata in the lobby 19:00

Dance instruction Kizomba in Moon

19:00 Dance instruction Mambo in the salon

Program Sundays 19:00

Dance Instruction Salsa (OG) 19:00

Bachata 1 dance instruction in the lobby 19:00

Dance Instruction Kizomba at Moon 19:00

Dance instruction Zouk in the salon 19:00

Dance instruction Rueda (OG)

Admission: 7 EUR incl. Dance 20.00 Salsa-, Bachata-, Mambo-, Kizomba – & Zoukparty Admission: 7 EUR incl. 3 EUR drink voucher

Upcoming events



Berlin is an open city. If you want to get the best here, you should think about a visit to the Soda Club. 
Located on the grounds of the Kulturbrauerei in Prenzlauer Berg, it invites dance and party lovers to salsa, R’n’B, house and dance classics. A hot address for nightlife.

This is one of the most renowned night spots in the metropolis, and it has maintained an excellent reputation as a crowd puller in the past. Visitors can witness a perfect experience and it will be a breathtaking one. 
The Area is a popular place to go out in the evening and has a lot to offer. It is located in the heart of Prenzlauer Berg and is one of the biggest clubs in Berlin.

If you plan to come here, you should do it on the weekends. This is because on the weekends you can discover a huge party crowd and meet new people. 
This is also one of the biggest discos in the city. Therefore, you can imagine how many people come here on the weekends. 
Four days a week, the area located in the middle of the Kulturbrauerei offers a stylish atmosphere and a varied program with house, salsa, dance classics and R’n’B to a rather young party audience on 
several levels with several floors and dance floors.

The Dancefloors is also known for its variety of music and several dance floors. For example, nothing 
stands in the way of 
a short stay in the very nice billiard lounge, the Pool and Cigars, the former Club 23, the lobby or the salon.

You have all the freedom to get along with like-minded people and enjoy the time you spend on the dance floor. 
Whether you prefer R’n’B, classic dances, disco house sounds or hot salsa, the parties here have one thing in common: it’s not just dancing – it’s partying! 
It can be a lot of fun and the great experiences of the night will stay in your memory. 
Since 1999 it invites night owls to the center of the Kulturbrauerei, party series like „Social Club“ on Thursday, the „High Fidelity“ on Saturday or the „Ladies Night“ on Friday provide a lot of atmosphere and a varied program. Since 2004, friends of electro and house music have been getting their money’s worth in one of the various rooms.

In the Social Club we dance to Latin American rhythms such as Mambo and Sals.

Here is some brief info about mambo and salsa parties. 
Mambo is a Latin dance of Cuban origin, which corresponds to the mambo music. 
It is very popular among many dancers. It is rhythmically similar to the slower Bolero, but has a more complex step pattern. The saxophone is especially noticeable. 
The saxophone usually sets the syncopated rhythm, while the other brass carry the melody.

Salsa, also a Latin American dance, is considered a fusion of American jazz dances with Cuban dances that were popular in Havana just at the end of the 1950s in the nightclubs and ballrooms such as „Pachanga“, „Casino“ or Mambo. 
Salsa dance events usually take place in Latin America in discos, bars, ballrooms, restaurants and outdoors often as part of a festival with an open air outdoor area. 
Salsa is a hot, energetic and fun exciting partner dance. Unlike some partner dances, it is a very social dance. The basic rhythm of Salsa dancing is that from the beginning, for every four beats of music, three steps are danced in that sense. 
Dancers are not required to have a regular partner. In many salsa dance styles, the upper body of the various dancers remains horizontal, even when shifting their weight through sequences of steps, and almost completely unaffected by the changes in weight. These weight shifts cause the hips to move in this dance. 
In fact, it is common for salsa to be danced with people they have never met before. Arm and shoulder movements are also involved. 
This is part of the fun of salsa dancing. 
The tempo of salsa varies, ranging from about 150 beats per minute to about 250 beats per minute. As a rule, most dances in salsa are danced to music between 160 and 220 beats per minute on the dance floor. The number of steps is also crucial. 
The odd number of steps creates the Salsa uniqueness and ensures that eight musical steps are always necessary, and then return to a new another sequence of steps. 
Because of its social nature, Salsa has become very popular all over the world. 
Today, you can easily find 
salsa floors all over the world.

Back to the soda and parties on Friday and Saturday. 
In general, the offer can be called a cool mix.

Looking at the mix of guests who visit this venue, you will notice that most of them are interested in RnB and Hip Hop. The DJs cover all music needs, also through the many different dance floors.

The club has a very good light and sound concept, good cocktails and a neat bar atmosphere.

You will love to spend time in this location and party. Parties are also held in the various rooms of the Kulturbrauerei.

The bouncers always make sure that you look neat and tidy, and that the previous pub crawl was not too violent – which is quite justified in the city.

Once you enter the premises, you can enter all the different rooms and enjoy the experiences that will be offered to the guests. 
Besides so much dancing and partying, the physical well-being should also be thought of. Recommend the restaurant to prepare for the long party night. The restaurant is completely in the style of the former Schultheiss brewery, red brick walls and elements in industrial design give an original and warm atmosphere.
Here, Berlin’s young party crowd dances on several floors to the driving beats of DJs until the early hours of the morning. Mainly house and black music is put on the turntables, the current party program with all special events can be found on the website.

You will fall in love with the soda’s offer.


Soda Berlin in the heart of Prenzlauer Berg is one of the biggest dance paradises in the city and is known for its variety of music and dance floors. 
Since Christmas ’99, the location offers its audience cultural entertainment, international cuisine, a cocktail bar, trendy parties, open air and large events. Relaxed feeling

The special thing is that you can easily move from one room, from one location, from one style to another throughout the night, because all the rooms are connected.

Everywhere, comfortable large cushions invite you to relax and large seating groups for dating with the whole circle of friends, there is plenty of space and area for dancing and partying at night. 
The Soda Club is located in Prenzlauer Berg. It is one of the largest in Berlin, with multiple dance floors with different genres for each room. Each dance floor also has its own bar. 
The two most popular floors are usually the R&B and Latin music floors.

In the „Lobby“, the V.I.P. lounge, and the „Salon“, on the other hand, things are a little quieter. Here you can also retreat a little more intimate, for company or family celebrations. 
Over 1500 square meters are available for business events, company celebrations, concerts, film shoots, evening events, as well as conferences and seminars.

Perfect for birthdays and similar festivities, you can celebrate here quite privately during the events. 
It is very different from the well-known techno venues in the city. It is much more similar to the discos in other European cities. The place has a more pleasant calm atmosphere 
compared to some hardcore electro dance halls.

Here we celebrate from Thursday to Sunday – each night has its own special motto. This is typical motto partying from Thursday to Sunday.

Thursday is all about Salsa & Mambo. Hot Latin American and Cuban rhythms challenge guests to dance – and those who are not yet proficient can have the steps shown to them by experienced salseros via dance instructions. 
Also on Thursdays: hot party nights and cool drinks in Prenzlauer Berg.

From 20 clock the dance instructions begin, then from 21 clock the big Salsa – & Mambo party. 
This is then the Salsa evening in the Kulturbrauerei.

A mix of restaurant, salon and dance floor.

Free admission for ladies to the Ladies NightsOn 
Friday, the „ladies“ are the focus – in the „Ladies Night“ all female guests have free admission plus drink bonus until 1 o’clock. The focus is on smooth soul and disco house, but also the finest R’n’B and hot disco house floor.

Saturday invites the „High Fidelity Show“ – also again with free admission for ladies until 1 o’clock. 
The gentlemen of creation pay 8Euro admission. On both days from 4:30h the entrance is free. 
Admission is from 18 years, this is also taken care of. 
On Sunday you can dance or learn to dance 
Salsa & Kizomba from 19h – Latin American and African rhythms for beginners and professionals.

The dance floor is accessible via a staircase or a glass elevator, has a stage, two floors and also two bars and is a successful mix of modern and classic styling. The golden salon revives the spirit of the classic Berlin literary salon of the 1920s: Biedermeier sofas, a relaxed lighting design and a cocktail bar create the right ambience for jazz sessions and readings.

Large casement windows adjoin the inner courtyard, and on the terrace you can enjoy some peace and quiet even in the middle of the big city. There is the restaurant in the old style of the Schultheiss brewery. 
The dishes are fresh and seasonal, there is Berlin cuisine, pasta and pizzas, the restaurant is open from 10 am to 10 pm.

U-Bahn: Line U2 U-Bhf. Eberswalder Straße S-Bahn: Line S8, S9, S41 or S42 Schönhauser Allee Bus: Line 405 or 4

So the Black Music/House mix with the Ladies Specials, which has been tried and tested since 1999, will remain.


I wanted to experience it, the famous nightlife of this city. Berghain, Tresor, Griessmühle, Revier Südost were recommended to me by my friends. But I’m more of a mainstream guy, so not so electro and techo affine.
So I discovered the Kulturbrauerei with the Soda Club. Lots of mixed black music, disco and also the one or other house song, I wanted to go there.
So I planned my short trip to the metropolis. And I wanted to see more, of course.
Okay, now you know exactly what you want to do in Berlin, your list of Berlin tips is longer than the number of days you stay here and you suffer from severe selection stress. Well done! But now the question arises: how do you get to Berlin? And most importantly, where will you sleep?

I zb stayed in a hotel. After you’ve checked into your hotel and freshened up a bit, it’s time to hit the road. Take it easy today and explore the surrounding area. Walk to the world famous Checkpoint Charlie, where the checkpoint was located on the border between the American and Russian sectors. Also be sure to visit the nearby Wall Museum. In this small museum you will find all kinds of objects and photos that give you an idea of the situation at the time of the division of Berlin. You can also see the craziest escape attempts people made to get to the other side. The entrance fee for this museum is around 15€ for adults.
What else to see besides my wild dancing and disco nights?

So you don’t spend too much time worrying about that, I’ll help you along the way. With my personal tips for a good night out in Berlin, I also have everything figured out for your trip to Berlin. Whether you travel by bus, car, train or plane: It’s good to know how everything works before you make your final choice

In vibrant Berlin, there is something new to experience every day of the week. Annual events like the Lichtfest, Berlin Fashion Week, the Berlinale film festival, the Carnival of Cultures, Berlin Art Week and the Berlin Marathon make your city break that little bit more enjoyable. And of course, it’s also great to spend the vacations in Berlin. The city is known for its many Christmas markets and spectacular New Year’s Eve party with fireworks over the Brandenburg Gate.

Things to do today. Must-sees that you can’t miss besides the nightlife e.g. at Soda in Prenzlauer Berg.

  1. a walk through the Brandenburg Gate
    Berlin’s most important gate is not only impressive, but also very photogenic. It is the only city gate that is still preserved here.
    This monumental gate is one of Berlin’s icons and one that I always visit when I’m in Berlin. The gate dates back to the end of the 18th century and was a city gate. It is the only surviving city gate in Berlin. The Brandenburg Gate was badly damaged between 1939 to 1945. Citizens from both sides of Berlin came together at the end of the war to restore the gate.

During the Cold War, the Brandenburg Gate was located in the Russian sector, so it could only be admired from a hill in the west. For thirty years it was not possible to pass under the gate because of border controls.

The Berlin Wall was built directly behind the monument, so it could no longer serve as a gate. The remarkable structure ended up in no man’s land. At the end of 1989, after the fall of the Wall, the gate was reopened. Since then, the Brandenburg Gate has been known as the Berlin sign of fraternization. By the way, it is almost always crowded with tourists. You can find the gate between Unter der Linden and Tiergarten. Just a stone’s throw away is also the Reichstag!

  1. watch the sunset in the Reichstag.
    The Reichstag, seat of the German parliament, is right next door. Find your way among all the tourists and take that one ultimate tourist photo of your Berlin city break.
    The Reichstag is the recognizable classic parliament building of the German government. It has been home to the parliament since 1999. The eclectic building has a glass dome on the roof that you can visit. I think it’s a really cool building, the combination of this classic with an almost futuristic sphere on the roof.
    Enjoy the musicians in the square and the beautiful architecture. Once you pass under the gate, head down the street and find a seat at one of the many restaurants for a delicious schnitzel.

Tickets are free, but you need to reserve a time (online or on site). You can do this at the ticket office across from the Reichstag, but I would recommend doing it online in advance so you don’t have to wait in line or be disappointed because your ideal time slot is already sold out. Make sure you get to security on time and have your ID with you (you’re visiting a government building and it’s mandatory!). The visit comes with a super interesting audio tour, and you really get a great view of the city from the dome. Highly recommended!
I know slowly the nightlife is approaching again and you go best already Richtig Berlin Mitte, Hackescher Markt and Rosenthaler Platz, a scene area with many cafes bars and a few small clubs. Larger dancefloors you will find later in the Soda or Frannzclub.
But before that an important place to go:

  1. television tower
    If you visit Berlin for the first time, you can’t miss the TV Tower. The gigantic, 368-meter-high tower with its famous silver sphere can be seen all over Berlin, making it the city’s landmark. It stands at Alexanderplatz, on the west side of the train station. Originally, it is a television tower, with which people could receive television via an antenna. Nowadays, the TV tower is more known as a tourist attraction. Starting at 19.50 euros, you can take the elevator to the top and view Berlin from the observation deck. A special experience and certainly very beautiful at sunset! Is the entrance a bit too much for you? Then go to the lobby of the Park Inn Hotel and take the elevator to the observation deck of this hotel. For 4 euros you can see the TV tower at almost the same height!

Now it’s evening, so head to the bars and clubs to party and dance to hip hop, dance classics, RnB, some house, soul and rock.
After the long night, another insider tip for the Sunday after:
After the disco tour there is a perfect way to reward yourself: with the sauna! I don’t go to a wellness center very often. So when I was invited to discover Vabali Spa Berlin, I gladly accepted. Until I found out it was a textile-free place, haha. That took some getting used to! But in the end you get used to it and there is something liberating about it. Vabali is a beautiful Balinese style spa, with furniture made in Bali. There are several saunas, swimming pools, Jacuzzis… it was really a little paradise. I felt really relaxed after walking around Berlin for a week, and my skin was super soft after a sauna experience with orange peeling. Great tip!
And of course, just before you leave, go to Soda Nightlife, where you can dance to salsa rhythms even on Sundays.


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