Ritter Butzke Berlin

District: Kreuzberg
Address: Ritterstr. 24-26 / Moritzplatz
Google Maps: Route Planner
Opening times: Wed or Thu or Fri and Sat 20:00 / 21:00 / 23:59
Floors: 1-4
Prices / Admission :: mostly from 15 €
Special features: several floors – high volume
Music styles: Electro • House • Minimal • Tech-House • Techno
Type: Club
Website: https://club.ritterbutzke.com/

Ritter Butzke – Typical Berlin club feeling – several floors.

Ritter Butzke was built in two factory halls of the old Butzke Werke in Kreuzberg. Minimal, techno and electro is served here. On the first floor there are several dance floors, which are usually well filled. Opening hours start from 23h or 23:55h..

Berlin Ritterstraße Aqua Carré Haus D

The atmosphere is very cozy, almost magical, thanks to the lights, disco balls and plants hanging from the ceiling.

The event days are rather irregular, but Fridays and Saturdays are always open, with admission prices of about 15 euros, these are dependent on the events.

Visitors should check the program on the homepage beforehand, e.g. Sender Freies Butzke, Lila, Im a beatfreak, Monkee’s Madness, Burlesque Musique or Steyoyoke. The residents: Andi De Luxe, Aroma, Daniel Solar, Don Brazo, Gutzeit & Wandel, Heimlich Knüller, Jan Mir, Jens Bond, Marc Poppcke and Sven Dohse.

The fact that the Ritter Butzke is so popular is certainly related to the club’s great setting.

Nice location with multiple floors and a suitable mix of indoor and outdoor areas.

It is a huge, cavernous building that consists of three main floors plus an outdoor area to catch your breath.

The four different floors all have a different style.

Very good sound system and technology. In summer, the Ritter Butzke also offers plenty of outdoor space for partying.

Ritter Butzke Nightclub Berlin Outdoor Area

Every Sunday night from 11 pm, the decades-old gay dance party GMF invites you here and offers techno & house music, among other things. GMF attracts many good-looking young men. With several DJs on 2-3 dance floors. other music and specials at GMF: Pop, RnB, HipHop, Techno, Urban and Elektro.

Ritter Butzke Nightclub Berlin DJ Booth

The location in the old Butzke halls is definitely worth a visit if you like electronic music.

Known for the quality of its music, the selection of its artists, its electric atmosphere and its crazy nights, this club is the place to dance and party for any electronic music lover.

At Ritter Butzke you’ll find a crowd of thousands of young, happy electronic music lovers, both Berliners and tourists passing through, all looking for decibels. You can be sure to meet people over a cheap drink at the bar or on one of the club’s three dance floors!

Welcome to Ritter Butzke, one of the many places in Berlin where guests feel like they’re in an underground version of Alice in Wonderland.

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At night in the Ritter ButzkeJust 
arrived in Berlin I seek first of all with backpack on the Ritterstrasse to see the building from the outside. 
I’m looking forward to what awaits me in the following night in this location. 
Then it’s off in search of a place to sleep. 
Why stay in a normal hotel when you can stay in a hostel on the river, for example? Alternatively, you can opt for a spot of indoor camping. Some clubs are also located in the outskirts and it is not far to the campsite. 
Or do you forgo modern design and revel in the GDR retro decor of many a hostel? 
To make sure you have a great stay with unparalleled dancing fun, check out the city’s highest-rated hotels. Better yet, grab a gang of your friends and rent an apartment in a nightlife hotspot like Kreuzberg or Friedrichshain. 
Think of all the expensive cab rides from nightclub to concert venue or bar you can save, and the embarrassing moments you can avoid when you’re drunk on the subway!

Berlin is known and loved for its exceptional nightlife. The extreme opening hours, solid line-up and affordable drinks are just some of the perks of partying in Berlin.

It is February 2007, and it is the first time that the name Ritter Butzke Berlin is mentioned on the streets of Berlin. At that time, the current event location was a real underground club, and the parties were attended only by a select group of people. Those were the wild times of the dance temple. An ideal location to spend the night in a pleasant way on the weekends…
Due to an anonymous tip-off to the authorities, the club disappeared for a while and came back a few years later. In October 2009, the Ritter Butzke was officially reopened. Since that day, the club can no longer be called underground: Every week many tourists and residents of Berlin visit this techno club for the big parties. 
You can dance to different music styles like techno, house, electro and minimal.

In terms of interior design, the creators have succeeded in creating a timelessly elegant flair that is free of fast-moving trends and developments. This is a place where you can feel at home. 
If you are interested in electronic music, you will probably be thrilled when you hear that names like Oliver Koletzki, Matthias Schuellu, mami, Jan Oberlaender, Monkey Safari, Lexer and AKA AKA regularly play the dancefloors here. 
How do you get into the Ritter Butzke?
Like most techno clubs in Berlin, there’s no guarantee you’ll get in. 
It is just a popular techno club in Berlin and is located in Kreuzberg. 
You should behave accordingly.

It’s not as hard as Berghain, but people get turned away, especially on popular nights. Consider the following tips if you want to get into the dance palace.

Can be useful to think in advance at what time you want to visit the club. 
Choose a convenient time of arrival. The peak hours here are between 01:30 and 03:30. It can be assumed, depending on the event and the day of the week, that the rush at this time is large. 
Then the line is also long and more people are turned away. 
As in many Berlin clubs, the same applies here: Don’t arrive with a large group. Large groups could mean trouble, and that’s why the bouncers often don’t let them in. 
The bouncers have very high standards, which ensures that the colorful crowd at Ritter Butzke is always above average in terms of sexiness and trendiness, and the male-female ratio is balanced. 
So bring some women along to the dance evening. Women don’t often cause trouble, and that’s why the bouncers are happy to let them into the venue. 
Don’t be drunk. Fit in with the Berlin nightlife. 
It is normal for the bouncers to ask you a few questions to check if you can still react normally. 
The club is divided into three different areas: the large main area with a dance floor, a stage and a resting balcony, a small club with an adjoining lounge where you can retreat for a good chat, flirting or a break between sweaty dance sessions, and an inner courtyard that is converted into a beer garden in summer. Numerous bars scattered throughout the club provide beverage replenishment and social gatherings. 
The prices at Ritter Butzke can be described as reasonable: A beer can be purchased for €3.50 and shots are available from €2.50. Admission is usually around 15 euros, depending on the festivity, event and line up. In winter you also have to use the checkroom for your jacket. 
The easiest way to get to the building of the old Butzke Werke is to take the U8. Then it’s on foot. 
From the station Moritzplatz you can easily reach the club on foot. Alternatively, you can take a cab from the S-Bahn station Jannowitzbrücke or walk.

Every weekend Techno Disco offers its visitors a nice mix of electronic music.

The next day, it’s on to sightseeing:
Where to start? 
The districts of Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain and Prenzlauer Berg are well established as „The Places to Be“ by night. In Kreuzberg, get everything from kebabs to American diner food and cocktails in one-liter beer mugs while sitting in a bamboo sea of retro Polynesian kitsch. Later, sip a bottle of Augustiner beer on a floating barge bar on the river. 
In Friedrichshain, they go to Simon Dach Straße, there’s always something going on. 
The next night I went back to the techno club with a fixed line-up, where else. 
Ritter Butzke in a nutshell:
In short The real underground times of the club are over, but the atmosphere is still solid, and on four floors you will most likely find something you like.


I flew in from Barcelona especially to attend the revival party at Ritter Butzke. 
When it comes to city breaks and nightlife, Berlin has something for everyone. It has a fascinating history, both the recent stories of the Berlin Wall and its wider history going back thousands of years. And then there is the modern, vibrant, multicultural culture of street art and global music.

In the afternoon before the party, I first booked a Touri Tour in the classic way. 
You can get a sightseeing tour for the price of a single bus ticket with the city bus line 100 – the first bus line connecting East and West Berlin after reunification. 
This is a great idea to prepare for a club night. 
The route starts at Alexanderplatz and passes Museum Island, the Reichstag, Brandenburg Gate, Tiergarten, the Victory Tower and the Kurfürstendamm shopping street before ending at the zoo. You can also get a good view of the city from the elevated platform of the S-Bahn between Zoologischer Garten and Alexanderplatz. 
I was particularly taken with the Reichstag, with the huge lawn in front of it. There was already celebrated in the afternoon with ghetto blasters to techno. 
I got off the bus and danced with. Directly at the Bundestag. 
The seat of the German Bundestag is one of Berlin’s most historic landmarks. It now has a new clear dome, to promote „transparency“ in government, and draws some of the biggest crowds in Berlin. One of the best views of the Berlin budget is from the glass dome on the roof of the Reichstag building. Admission is free, but you must make reservations in advance, either on their website or at the Scheidemannstraße office.

Then I’m back to the hotel after this dancing experience. Berlin is one of the cheaper capitals in Europe, but the prices can still add up.

And there’s the great nightlife, whether you’re looking for a lazy afternoon in a beer garden or a clubbing marathon.

In the evening we went to the legendary party night at Ritter Butzke. 
Here is a new party that took place here on this Saturday. The party should be a nostalgic experience. 
But already it would be important to understand the meaning of the title of the evening. Why four? You don’t have to look very far between the four different dance floors of the club. 
And what about this Ritter Butzke for those who are not familiar with it? Actually, the location in an old factory decided to redesign its 3 dance floors. 
The place was banned in 2007, then became official 2 years later. The club differs from other Berlin clubs by its more local concentration.

It is impossible to get tired of DJ Sice Girl. 
DJ Sice Girl wants the music to awaken several sensations in you, which we will let you enjoy during the evening. It’s all about freedom and party. So you will not be surprised to enjoy the sound quality of the speakers, but especially the great DJ artists. 
Since 2007, Butzke has stood for trend-setting electro and house trends and unique party atmosphere and club feeling – it’s not for nothing that the club is regularly chosen by the media as one of the best club locations in Berlin. 
„Let yourself be carried away by the musical trance“ should be the motto of this floor. Of course, we should talk about the salon or live floor of Butzke. Here you are invited to get involved in the sound experience with the DJs, interpreting the tasty melodies. 
The main floor has an impressive sound installation and is always well filled. 
If you go up a floor, you will get to the room where pop music lovers can be found. Don’t be ashamed to dance to Rihanna and Beyonce, the room is made for it! 
If you need a little more space, you can visit the other floors. 
But there are also quieter areas where you can have a drink and chat with your friends.

Finally, venture to the Greyzone, the last floor of Ritter Butzke, reserved for those who want to end their evening with heavy techno bass.
The predominant age of the party-goers is between the early mid-20s to early 40s.

But not only the acoustic senses are spoiled in the most pleasant way at Ritter Butzke Berlin. 
Especially popular are the open air events in the summer garden with changing DJ sets.

On Sunday after the party I went to chill in the Grunewald.

Just a tip, if you want to escape the city, the great expanse of Berlin’s largest forest is the perfect destination for hiking, horseback riding, picnicking or biking. On hot summer days, head to Schildhorn or one of the other swimming beaches along the Havelchaussee, where you’ll find a bay and a beach. This is where Berliners gather to swim and lounge around. There’s even the famous ice cream boat! 
After the chill out I flew back to Spain.


Ritter Butzke, a hidden club in a former factory, is one of the most famous and authentic clubs in Berlin, along with Wilde Renate and Sisyphos. It is much loved by Berliners and plays different types of music depending on the event. 
Do you want the typical Berlin weird kitsch and party style? 
Music is of course techno, and the environment in general is like a trip to another world: half decadent, half fantastic and once again half nonsense.

And maybe you’re traveling with a large group and don’t like being turned away at the door? Then come to this location, it’s fun for everyone.

Ritter Butzke’s crazy nights began illegally in 2007 in a former industrial facility in the Kreuzberg district. Shortly after, they were closed and had to move to Karl-Marx-Allee for a few months. From 2009, the operators were now legally allowed to organize and celebrate parties and festivals at the original location. 
The club has 3 rooms with different motifs, one of which has a giant teapot, and a courtyard that turns into an open-air space in the summer. Finding the place can be a bit tricky, I got lost the first time I was there. 
To immerse yourself in this parallel reality, all you have to do is take the U-Bahn (U8) to Moritzplatz station and walk to Ritterstraße 26.

When you arrive at the address in Ritterstrasse, you have three options:
follow the drunks, follow the empty alcohol bottles left on the street or rely on your own sense of direction. 
When you arrive at the address, enter the courtyard of the building without hesitation.

Although it has long since cut its illegal underground roots, Ritter Butzke Berlin has hardly gone mainstream. 
Nestled in an old factory with the requisite industrial decor, this party temple vibrates with techno, electro and minimal every weekend.

They play techno, of course, but it’s more melodic and upbeat than the hardcore or acid techno of other clubs. It’s a type of music that everyone can enjoy and dance to, even if it’s not their favorite genre.

Permanent resident and regular DJs include Aroma, David Dorad, Kotelett & Zadak and Jens Bond. 
Even such techno kings as Apparat and M.A.N.D.Y. have graced the turntables. 
Ritter Butzke also has a record label: it’s easy to land in the club and listen to a concert by an up-and-coming Butzke artist for very little money (admission costs about €15).

The club is tucked away in an old factory, and you have to walk through to the courtyard to even realize there’s a club here. 
With three different dance floors, chances are you’ll find music you like here. Mostly electronic, of course (give it up, it’s Berlin, it’ll get you dancing sooner or later).

The partygoers here are usually in their early to mid-twenties. The fun interior with umbrellas in the roof and the huge tea pot gives the club the right atmosphere. 
Usually it is not very crowded during the week (it depends on the event), the line outside is rather short. To get in safely a simple black outfit is enough, they are not very hard on the selection. Don’t worry you are not trying to get into the Berghain.

However, fitting into the Berlin style a bit can still help.

At the checkroom you will find a kiosk with sweets and chocolates in case you run out of energy. 
There are four rooms, the furniture is retro and a bit „rough and ready“: one room is like a bunker, the courtyard (open in summer), which also offers seating, and a room with an attic with many sofas.

With pleasant temperatures, you can sit outside. 
To get from one dance floor to another, you actually go outside and enter another door. 
The Ritter Butzke is usually open on Friday and Saturday.


Are you a fan of electronic music? Are you looking for a typical Berlin club? The Ritter Butzke Club in the heart of Kreuzberg opens its doors to dance until dawn.

Ritter Butzke Berlin is a unique and one-of-a-kind nightclub that originated in Berlin in 2007. 
Butzke is one of the most famous clubs in the German capital and is located in a former factory in the heart of Kreuzberg, it is two former factory halls of the Butzke factory. 
Since 2009, the club is officially a big attraction, although it opened for the first time only in 2007.

Since then, it has been meeting the needs of people who have the unique interest to visit it and enjoy their time. 
The unique thing about this club is that it is completely an underground nightclub. 
To enter this underground club, you need to head to the Ritterkiez in Kreuzberg.

In the past, only invited guests could come to this temple of dance and spend their time there. However, over time, things have changed significantly. Now, anyone interested can enter the location and experience what this club has to offer. 
The unique setting that you will find in this club is one of the biggest reasons for its popularity. If you are interested in experiencing the best possible environment that can be found in a club, Ritter Butzke is a great place to visit. 
The event location is divided into three rooms, redecorated in 
an industrial and original way ( steel furniture, euphoric lights…), typical in the spirit of Berlin underground style.

You will feel like you are spending your time in a place that is familiar to you.

Inside the club, walls of speakers await you, vibrating to the sound of the crème de la crème of electro until the wee hours of the morning.

Among the artists who have frequented the rooms of this event location are German techno giants like Aroma, Mary Jane, Jan Mir or David Dorad, just to name a few. 
Star DJ Oliver Koletzki also shows his DJ skills here from time to time. 
They have been sharing the turntables for five years and warm up the three rooms with their cutting-edge and avant-garde mixes. 
House, minimal,… all the big movements of electronic music made in Berlin and internationally are brought to the forefront for the greatest listening pleasure, having fun or meeting people.

A victim of its reputation, the Knight is often crowded on weekends. The party will only get crazier and longer as a result.

The prices here are also quite reasonable. 
Compared to the experience offered at the club, visitors should be happy to pay the entrance fee for what you get. This is the only way for such stores to survive. 
You will also be able to get shots in this club without a fortune being taken out of your pocket. 
However, the available space in the location is limited. You should pay attention to that when you enter the nightclub. 
The parties take place on up to three floors, one of which is outdoors in the summer, mostly electro, techno or tech-house. Furthermore, in addition to these parties, there are other events and cultural events, for example, open air parties, children’s disco or poetry slams are always held.

Sometimes you have to wait half an hour before you get to the doors, but the result on arrival will be well deserved. 
The Ritter Butzke is located in the heart of the trendy Kreuzberg district, in Ritterstraße exactly at number 24.In 
front of the entrance there is a small parking lot
 From there you go into the courtyard, where the animation begins and from where you can see the entrance.

Proper clothing is required, and if you have your place on the guest list, for example, through actions on Facebook, it can make things easier and avoid rejection. 
The entrance fee may depend on the organized parties, but it will be about 15Euro per person. 
It can be reached by subway line U8, the nearest station is Moritzplatz. This electro dance palace is easily accessible from the main train station as well as from the airport or from the center of Berlin.

It is very well surrounded by small restaurants open late, bars to have a drink before dancing and hostels and hotels to end the night.

If you want to reach the nightclub from Alexanderplatz with its huge TV tower, here are the directions. By the way, you can also just visit the Alex once.

Germany’s most famous city square is home to the 368 meter high TV tower. From the observation deck of the tower you have a breathtaking view of the city. 
If you want to experience the original GDR feeling, you should sit down in the restaurant, which is of course, as always, only with advance booking. Otherwise, Alexanderplatz is an exciting center where many people come to shop, eat and hang out.

The TV tower, on top of which stands the famous faceted sphere, should get you in the right party mood. Now for the directions to Ritter B.: It’s best to take the S5 line from there if you don’t want to walk 10 minutes or don’t have a car and get off at the Jannowitzbrücke station. 
Like many other Berlin techno clubs, the club is always open on Fridays and Saturdays from 23:59h. On Sundays, the GMF party series for gays takes place there from 23h. There are also regular parties on Thursdays, which then often start a little earlier. 
A young, already mythical club with a selection of electronic music in the middle of one of the hottest districts of Berlin. Be ready to conquer Ritter Butzke.


A club with three dance floors and a chill-out area in the courtyard. Immediately after opening in 2007, Ritter Butzke was an illegal place where the pioneers of rave culture honed their skills. Since 2009, the club has disappeared from the underground.
Although it has long since cut its illegal underground roots, Ritter Butzke has hardly gone mainstream. Nestled in an old factory with the requisite industrial decor, this party temple vibrates with techno, electro and minimal every weekend.

You have to go here to hear local DJs who are unknown on the international stage but play excellent techno and electro.
Permanent resident and regular DJs include Aroma, David Dorad, Kotelett & Zadak and Jens Bond. Even such techno kings as Oliver Koletzki, Apparat, Timo Maas, Format B and M.A.N.D.Y. have spun the turntables.
With its underground feel and laid-back atmosphere, Ritter Butzke is an essential pit stop in Berlin’s nightlife.
As much as the old-timers love a sausage and curry sauce, we loved the Berliners! The people make this city; they are passionate, loving and very friendly, not to say that locals of other European metropolises are not, but bars, parks and most open spaces are not treated in the same way. Locals go out expecting to meet new people. Clubs are melting pots for new friendships, an old crate becomes a pedestal for debates, even a Späti is a meeting place with benches and seating outside. Berliners use their capital as a playground; bypassing fences and rules for a view, a chat or not infrequently a drink.
Take, for example, Markthalle IX on Bergmannstrasse in Kreuzberg.
one of the last of the city’s original 19th-century market halls, is at the forefront of Berlin’s foodie revolution with its Italian bakery and lunch restaurant Kantine Neun. Organic food markets are low-key on Tuesdays and Fridays, busier on Saturdays and packed on „Street Food Thursday,“ which draws crowds from all over the city to food trucks from around the world. And on Sundays, there are regular specialty markets: cheese, breakfast foods, sweets, and gifts and crafts in the run-up to Christmas.

The space given to Berliners is what allows egalitarian society to thrive. Many spaces are used democratically. Take Tempelhof Park very close to Ritter Butzke, once a military airport, now a more social haven where the public decides its future. There’s room for growth, for sports, for play, for barbecue areas, and the park welcomes suggestions for new ideas. You can meet the one or other night owl from the Butzke there the next day. It’s huge, it was an airport, who knows what it could become. This amount of space would undoubtedly be monetized in other Cities, where only a fraction of the space, or the building budget, would be made available for a social project.
Kreuzberg is another district worth looking at. It is an area where many artists and immigrants make their home. Slowly but surely, however, it is also becoming a place where there is more and more to do. Trendy clubs like the funky Festsaal Kreuzberg or Spindler & Klatt, where you can chill during the day and party to techno and house at night, are becoming more and more popular. It is a neighborhood without large shopping centers. Residents appreciate family-run businesses and independent start-ups. But it’s also a district where local culture has been defended through demonstrations, protests and civil disobedience. More and more, one notices that gentrification is also affecting this neighborhood.

The original residents are saddened that their neighbors are moving away because of rising costs. The vacant houses are often bought by people who are attracted by Kreuzberg’s culture but do not defend it with the same passion. One thing is certain: if Kreuzberg loses its culture, it will become an ugly neighborhood again.

But don’t forget the big sights on a trip, like Alexanderplatz with the TV tower in Mitte, the Brandenburg Gate, Kurfürstendamm in Charlottenburg Wilmersdorf or even Checkpoint Charlie.
Very popular is also the government district with the Federal Chancellery and the Reichstag.

The seat of the German Bundestag is also one of Berlin’s most famous landmarks. From the „mysterious“ burning down in 1933, to the abandonment, the wrapping with a million square meters of fireproof polypropylene fabric by artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude and finally the chic transparent dome designed by Sir Norman Foster, the building has seen many ups and downs.

Guided tours lasting 90 minutes are offered when Parliament is not and other tours are offered daily at 9am, 10:30am, 12pm, 1:30pm, 3:30pm, 5pm, 6:30pm. Booking a guided tour is a great way to avoid the horrendous lines that almost always form outside. You might also consider lunch or dinner at the rooftop restaurant; again, reservations are recommended. Note that the dome is sometimes closed to visitors in July.
I often visited the Ritter Butzke during my stays here, a huge, cavernous space consisting of three main floors plus an outdoor area for catching air.
It was only recently partially renovated to introduce an apocalyptic new club room, the Steam Engine. It has the look of a mad scientist’s lab, with all sorts of old machines lying around and an LED wall designed by fellow telecasters, and there’s even an outdoor patio for those hot days.
Characteristic of Ritter Butzke are the Alice in Wonderland-style decor, a blanket of umbrellas and three dance floors that perfectly express the essence of the City. It started, as described, in 2007 as an illegal underground club that turned into an innovative electro hotspot. If you’re there in the summer months, head to the outdoor area to experience the City’s „open-air“ culture while watching the sunrise, something you can’t do at many other clubs around the world. The lines can get crazy long, but the door policy is usually pretty relaxed.


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