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Address:Budapester Straße 40
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Opening Hours: Sun-Thu until 1h, Sat+Sun until 2h
Specials:large open air area
Music styles:mixed
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Monkey Bar Berlin

Above the rooftops of Berlin-Charlottenburg, in the middle of the Bikini complex, guests of the Monkey Bar are seduced by a stunning view. From the 10th floor they can see the city and the zoo from a new and glassy perspective, well supplied with exclusive drinks, cocktails and small dishes from the NENI Berlin kitchen.

A hotel bar that could hardly be more unusual, it is a brief abduction into an industrial jungle full of flair. The 25hours Hotel at Budapester Str. 40 in Charlottenburg has created an absolute hot spot with this amusement bar. The dress code is appropriate.

Monkeys become art on the walls, the jungle inspires plants, wood, tiki glasses and urban patterns. In fact, the monkeys can also be spotted a few floors below, with a little luck. Or maybe the monkeys are watching the visitors…. City-West has become livelier and more vibrant thanks to the cocktail bar.

Glass makes a clear view possible, even in the ladies‘ toilets. The concept of atmosphere actually runs through the entire ambience. To ensure that every guest can really enjoy the stunning view, they can sit grandstand-style and even snuggle into comfortable cushions in some places. At the same time, he enjoys the view from the very top in front of the full glazing. In summer, the front opens and guests are open air, under the open sky, above the rooftops of the city, the monkey enclosure, the zoo.

Especially gourmets will get their money’s worth. Noble & selected spirits bring style and true class into the rooms. It has specialized especially in an exclusive selection of gin, whiskey and rum. Varieties that are not available everywhere may enjoy the gourmet in wonderful height. It offers itself to be advised by the personnel regarding the beverages. These are not only exclusive in the selection, but also in the composition as a cocktail a highlight. In fact, something new is discovered with every visit. Drinks, dishes and attention to detail.

Neni Berlin | Restaurant | Monkey Bar | Eventlocation | New Year’s Eve Party

In the meantime, the NENI Berlin kitchen conjures up small dishes for the guests. Fresh Caesar salad, sweet potato fries, hummus or chicken strips in an almond crust make cocktails like „Jungleside Fizz“ or „Monkey Monk“ taste even better. But also an „Upside – Down – Bananacake“ tastes wonderful with a „Five Elephant Espresso“.

The drinks menu is also something to behold. You’ll find on offer here are many exotic tiki drinks, whose name refers to South Sea-inspired rum-based cocktails.

For example, the tiki classic Mai Tai is served at the Monkey Bar with two kinds of rum, orange liqueur, grapefruit juice, falernum syrup and arak.

You are more into gin cocktails in different variations?

Again, the gin and tonic-based cocktails taste great here. The Tea & T consists of homemade Earl Grey gin, orange blossom water and tonic.

If you like it a bit more crunchy, we recommend the Spicy Basil G&T, which gets its spiciness from ginger and its freshness from basil leaves.

Those who want to avoid alcohol will find soft drinks, coffee and tea variations as well as delicious non-alcoholic cocktails. If you spontaneously change your mind and leave your car behind, you can make use of the good public transport connections or order a cab. DJ’s support the exotic and at the same time urban industrial event location with their atmospheric music. The hotel parties are also not to be missed. Regular events with a wide variety of artists also round out the concept.

It’s definitely worth checking the event location’s calendar regularly, because reservations are highly recommended in this in-bar. There have already been queues, which must be legendary by now. Due to the 25hours Hotel, international guests meet Berliners in the venue, every evening and every night seem to be different.

By the way, during the warmer season it is always worth visiting, because the sunset on the terrace is just great. The view and the atmosphere give a direct vacation feeling and relaxation. Eat a snack and the everyday life can stay somewhere else. The New Year’s Eve party is „glamorous, sexy and (be)ruschend“ with fireworks over the capital.


The Monkey Bar Berlin has managed to become known worldwide in a very short time. It is now obligatory for a long-time resident to have been there at least once. The only danger is that he then wants to go there more often. The area is open 7 days a week and the metropolis and its hotel guests show their gratitude. The level of awareness continues to rise, the monkeys get a positive image and the City West has another highlight.



On the 10th floor, a large wooden counter extends in the middle of the room, surrounded by wooden stools. You will be immediately fascinated by the view. The view of the zoo, the Europa Center and the Gedächniskirche is beautiful.

The bare concrete walls are punctuated by a relief depicting monkeys at play. The monkey motif is also found in the lush vases that adorn the counter. 
The venue is new international hotspot in Berlin West. 
The lounge has a super loungy and cozy ambiance that invites everyone to just relax and enjoy. 
All rooms are indoors but with floor to ceiling windows. 
The crowd of guests is international, from the buzz of voices it is clear how much Berlin has already become a link between East and West and North and South. The guests are international. 
There are elegant women in sexy outfits, bearded men with very neat chin hair and nerd glasses, or business travelers in business looks.

Come as you are, because the Monkey Bar dress code is casual. 
If I were to recommend the best time to visit, it would be at sunset, of course. But I’m guessing that’s also when the inn is at its most crowded. Keep in mind.


One of the most tempting places in the city to have a drink, lounge on the terrace, admire the city as it blossoms in greenery: this Monkey Bar. 
Barely opened, the cocktail business is already making quite a splash. The 10th-floor skybar is further proof that West City is on the upswing.

We are talking about the 25-hour hotel, located at the top of the Bikini shopping center. 
New hotspot in the West-City. 
Here you are above the zoo, in the Tiergarten, near the Kurfürstendamm, on the top floor of a modern place from which you can overlook the seat of government with a special elevator. 
The Monkey Bar is part of the 25hour Bikini Hotel, and in the foyer in front of the elevator is an original Austin Mini Countryman with wooden trusses and open gullwing doors. 
Trendy, lively and comfortably chic in its surroundings, the rooftop bar offers a wide selection of creative and handcrafted signature cocktails, along with some wines, beers and various bites from the adjacent NENI restaurant.

Enjoying a coffee on the terrace opposite the neighboring towers and the jagged bell tower of the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church is pure pleasure. 
As there is seating both inside and outside on the roof terrace, this place is usually very busy and there are various live DJs playing every night. 
It Is another skybar that offers fantastic views of the city, such as the Puro Sky Lounge in the neighboring Europacenter or at Club 40 Seconds on the eighth floor of the Loeser building on the corner of Potsdamer Strasse and Schöneberger Ufer, or the Weekend Club on the 15th floor at Alexanderplatz in Mitte. 
Rooftop gardens are becoming increasingly popular-Come early to 
get the best seats, though, because this is a very popular spot, and you can expect a bit of a line. But it’s worth it, because this is one of the best rooftop terraces Berlin has to offer.


The verdict on the Monkey Bar could not be more varied. Some men praise the interesting women they can meet there, and some self-confident women are on the lookout for men who don’t come along like cribs without top heat. Still others praise the good quality of the drinks. The crowd can be super mixed and sometimes a bit awkward, as quite a few people come here for the view rather than the drinks. That shouldn’t stop you from experiencing this restaurant. 
The location offers a fantastic view of the West City

And those who make it past the doorman to the 10th floor of the high-rise building at Budapester Straße 40 can enjoy the great view with Breitscheidplatz, Gedächtniskirche, Bikini-Haus, Zoo Palast from the side as well as Bahnhof Zoo in the foreground and with the Siegessäule, Tiergarten and planes approaching Tegel Airport in the background. 
The cocktail menu focuses on traditionally recognized drinks and also offers some beer options. The wait staff is friendly (if sometimes too busy) and the staff is consistent and knowledgeable. 
This restaurant offers panoramic views of the Tiergarten and the city, and excellent cuisine that draws inspiration from Mediterranean, Persian, and Austrian.

In daylight, you can also observe the orangutans and chimpanzees in their enclosures in the Zoological Garden.


If you want to drink cocktails with a view in the city, this is definitely one of the top options. Monkey Bar is located on the last floor of a high-rise boutique hotel across from the zoo and the monkeys (hence the name). 
The ambiance, with its platforms where you can sit on cushions, faces the zoo’s animals, the monkeys that give the sign its name („Monkey Bar,“ remember). In short, it is at once unusual, unique, perfect to forget the passage of time. Small restoration of quality in „Balagan“ styleAccording to 
Israeli style with beautiful sandwiches, beautiful plates, fresh salads, directly from the neighbor Néni, on the same floor. 
When you arrive at the cool and deconstructed hotel lobby (there’s even a vintage car in the middle and some hanging bikes), you should take the elevator up to the 10th sock. 
Turn left and you’ll be at the Neni restaurant. Turn right and you will get to the here.

Large selection of rum-based tiki cocktails. 
Behind this special concept is a lot of attention to detail: Two worlds can be found in the design of the decor here as well – the refined classics with their own signature and the wild, tiki-inspired drinks with specially produced ingredients – from coriander tequila to hibiscus syrup. 
Basil G&T: House-made Earl Grey gin, tonic, ginger and basilSmall plates 
from neighboring restaurant Neni can 
be ordered. 
If you’re not too shy, try visiting the glass toilets. A monkey or two might see you doing „your business.“ But hey…it’s Berlin. Relax. No one cares.
As a City West hotspot, Affen Bar embodies not only the unique feel of a vibrant metropolis, but also the flair of (urban) jungle and adventure.

Lisa p.

Lively Monkey Bar in BerlinOn the 
10th and top floor of the amazing 25-hour Bikini Berlin hotel, you’ll find the Rooftop, which offers unbeatable panoramic views of the city and the Zoological Garden. The name actually comes from the views you get over the zoo’s monkey house. 
Tiered seating with views of the zoo and KurfürstendammDiners 
can sit on a kind of monkey rock, consisting of a tiered structure dotted with colorful cushions, or on covered stools made from tree trunks. 
The rooftop eatery on the 10th floor of the 25-Hour Hotel offers stunning views of the city and zoo. The adjacent terrace is the perfect spot for a sunset drink. 
Breathtaking view over the Berlin Zoo

Regular events and daily changing DJs accompany the culinary tour of the sophisticated menu. 
Smoking is permitted on the palm tree terrace.

Great attention is paid to the quality of products and sustainable use of resources. Daily changing DJs, sophisticated menu, small dishes from the kitchen of the NENI.

In addition to international drinks and a well-curated wine selection, there are also small dishes from NENI’s menu.
Best Cocktail : TangerineCocktail (gin sul, tangerine liqueur, Thomas Henry tonic water and sage).


In the Monkey Bar you can enjoy a cocktail and a great view of Berlin. Every night a different DJ plays house or other electronic music here.

The best place here to drink cocktails? At the Monkey Bar. The name says it all: this bar has a view of monkeys. The monkeys of the Zoologischer Garten, Berlin’s oldest zoo, that is.
Located on the 10th floor of Bikini, The Bikinihaus is in Charlottenburg, near Zoologischer Garten station and across from the Gedächtniskirche. The former industrial and office space has been transformed into a modern complex with trendy stores and restaurants.
The building that houses Bikini dates back to the 1950s and actually had a somewhat old-fashioned image as a shopping center at the time. However, a make-over ensured that this place did not go under!

You can stay at the 25hours Hotel and have a drink at the rooftop bar „Monkey Bar“ overlooking the huge zoo.
Very popularthis trendy cocktail bar is a hype among locals and tourists alike. So you will have to „fight“ for a good seat. Do you want to wait until a seat becomes available? Then try to spot the monkeys built inside the bar.

The name Bikini House can be derived from the former function as well as the shape of the building, which housed a sewing shop for women’s clothing with a total of 700 sewing machines. You should also be able to spot a bikini in the construction of the building.
The City has the best clubbing scene in the world. Period. With locations like Berghain, Kater Blau, Sisyphos, Watergate and KitKat, you can party from Friday to Monday, Monday to Wednesday, Wednesday to Friday and then start all over again. These clubs are world famous and often more crowded than a gym after New Year’s, so we focused on the district of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, which offers a small but exclusive selection of hidden bars and clubs and has other great sights to see.

The district is the western part of the center of Berlin, with Kurfürstendamm as a lively boulevard. It is a generously laid out district, with spacious houses and lots of greenery. Sights include the German Opera House, the Olympic Stadium, the Trade Fair and Radio Tower, Charlottenburg Palace and Volkspark Wilmersdorf.
Since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the two centers of Berlin are once again competing with each other, with Charlottenburg losing much of its grandeur to Mitte.
Start your adventure at the Lietzensee lake. The trees around the lake seem to change color not only with the seasons, but also within a month. One day the leaves are green, the next they are orange, and then they gently fall to the water, forming a blanket of leaves on the lake. The lake is truly a natural beauty!

However, City West has been consistently modernized, and many new developments have occurred since 1990.

In the 1920s, the district experienced its temporary peak. Cinemas, theaters, cabarets, revues, dance halls and chic stores attracted tourists and Berliners to the West City in large numbers. The „old“ Berlin was located around Alexanderplatz and Unter den Linden, the „modern“ Berlin was located around Kurfürstendamm, which the American writer Thomas Wolfe called „the largest café in Europe“.
Although there are many people in many Berlin districts who like to experiment with the latest fashion trends and even develop their own style of dress, the inhabitants of the district are usually stylish and chic. Here you can see neatly dressed older ladies, men with distinguished white hair, but also every now and then a fashion victim with a Gucci bag. Everyone here loves the old-fashioned bread, called Stulle here, and the gherkins from their favorite Zum Hecht, a typical Berlin restaurant.

It’s not really hip here, and there are no clubs or bars. There aren’t many start-ups based here either, and, well, not much is happening. But it is the only district with a palace and many other things that make this district in western Berlin very special.

Charlottenburg Palace is the largest palace in Berlin and one of the city’s most popular attractions. It was built at the end of the 17th century by Elector Frederick, later King Frederick I, as a summer residence for his wife Sophie-Charlotte. Soon after its completion, the palace was expanded to include the Orangery and a domed tower was added. Still later, the east wing was built.
Walking from Lietzensee to the palace. The tour of this huge palace can take several hours, but it is well worth it.
The park surrounding the palace is modeled after the gardens of the Palace of Versailles. In the park there is a villa (bélvedère) with a beautiful collection of porcelain from the Royal Porcelain Manufactory.

It was thoroughly restored after 1945. The living quarters exude the splendor of times past, and there is a fine collection of French paintings on display. In fact, it is the largest collection of 18th century French paintings outside of France. Don’t forget to visit the beautifully decorated ballroom.
If you have some energy left after the palace, go to Kantstraße, where there are many nice bars and good restaurants. Also visit Savignyplatz and see how the French influenced Berlin in terms of architecture, food and also lifestyle.

With the division into an eastern and a western part, the district became the center of West Berlin and the Kurfürstendamm became a fashionable luxury shopping mile with stores of international appeal and as the icing on the cake the largest department store in Europe: the Kaufhaus des Westens (KaDeWe). Zoologischer Garten station became the terminus for all intercity trains from the West. New buildings important for the image were also built, such as the Europa Center and the International Congress Center ICC.

A trip to Charlottenburg guarantees a relaxing day in the middle of the lively capital. It is a wonderful place to stroll and relax.
The Christmas market at the Gedächtniskirche is especially well-known and popular.
Christmas is magical. If you visit the city in December, you can not miss a Christmas market. And this is almost impossible, because everywhere in the city you will find dozens of Christmas markets with cozy stalls and warm mulled wine. The most famous Christmas markets are located at Gendarmenmarkt, Alexanderplatz and Gedächtniskirche. Have a great Christmas shopping! Celebrating New Year’s Eve in the capital is also unforgettable!
Next to the Europa Center is the Bikini with the Monkey Bar.
No, of course not literally in swimwear! Bikini is the name of one of the most popular shopping malls in Berlin. And shopping malls sounds a bit irreverent, concept mall is a better description.

At the moment you can find here local design stores, famous brands and trendy restaurants. The atrium is something special; the large open space with mint green steel structures is filled with wooden boxes where young designers rent every three to six months. It is always a surprise what you will find here!
For example, you’ll find – on the 10th floor of a hotel that you’re allowed to enter even if you’re not a guest – the Monkey Bar. We warn you; the cocktails are not cheap. But you will soon forget about that…

Here, not only is the atmosphere relaxed and the cocktails delicious, but you also get a great view. The bar looks out – and you can see where the name comes from – onto the zoo. Or more precisely, the monkey enclosure of the zoological garden.


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