Weekend Berlin Club

District: Mitte
Address: Alexanderstr. 7 / Haus des Reisens 12th floor.
Google Maps: Route Planner
Opening times: thu, fri, sa 23: 00h
Floors: 1
Prices / Admission :: from 15 €
Special features: Open air terrace with panoramic view
Music styles:Electro • House • Tech-House • Techno • Hip Hop
Type:Club • Speiselokal

House of Weekend Berlin

The „Weekend Club“ (located in a high-rise building on Alexanderstraße in Berlin-Mitte) is, contrary to what its name would suggest, also open during the week. And live performances are regularly offered, especially bands of the styles electro, house and techno perform. Guests who want to take a break from dancing can look out over Berlin at night from the nightclub’s roof terrace.

The club directly at Alexanderplatz – Elegant and sophisticated!

House of Weekend Berlin, the former Weekend Club, is one of the most elegant hip clubs in the capital.

It is located in Berlin Mitte high above Alexanderplatz in the building once known as the House of Travel. Here you can hang out with pleasure while enjoying the fantastic panoramic view over the rooftops of the city.

The club was founded in 2004 and owes its name to the short film „Le Weekend“. The goal of the operators was to make the naming playful and to give a word of common usage an interesting second meaning, which will be imprinted in the collective memory.

Next to the TV tower – The club in lofty heights!

To reach the dance floor and bars, guests must take the elevator to the top. On an area of 500 square meters you can find a paradise.

Night owls Berlin come to a stylish minimalist design that runs through the interior of the club. Dancing here is on the 15th floor with a breathtaking view over the metropolis at night.

Spotlights on the ceiling create a visually unique atmosphere. Those who want to relax can do so on chilly lounge furniture. The highlight of the club is without question its roof terrace, where about 300 people can sit and admire the sea of lights of Berlin while partying with friends and acquaintances.

Weekend Berlin – Parties | Eventlocation | New Year’s Eve Party

Famous international and international DJ’s put on their records in the club and reap a satisfied party crowd in the capital. Program: The parties are called Berlinizer, Studio Sessions, Urban Skyline or Fifteen.

On Fridays, fans of R&B, hip hop and black music often get their money’s worth.

The stylish club is frequented by VIPs of the fashion scene. Here, at Weekend Berlin, parties are regularly held during Fashion Week. Even Karl Lagerfeld the fashion tsar organized a party in the event location. But also stars like Lenny Kravitz or Timbaland already celebrated in the club above the roofs of Alexanderplatz. The New Year’s Eve parties sometimes last a whole week.

The Weekend Berlin is without question an elegant club. Therefore, a suitable dress code must be observed if one wants to be admitted to the club. At the door, bouncers check who fits into the club. Anyone who is not dressed appropriately will not be allowed past.

The location has everything to offer its guests, whether they are from Berlin or tourists, for a sophisticated party. Enjoying the lights of Berlin with a cocktail is uplifting and seeing the sun rise in the morning hours brings a visitor of the disco a little bit closer to heaven.

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Experiences & Comments:


Located directly at Alexanderplatz, the roof garden of the House of Weekend is the meeting point among Berlin’s rooftop bars for heavenly atmosphere and party fun. 
In summer, the club has a great added value: a large outdoor terrace.

The entrance is directly from Alexanderplatz, the nerve center of the city, so you don’t have to go through mud and swamps to join this club, which makes it an exception in Berlin!

The club is one of Berlin’s hottest house and techno clubs, and with its lofty location on the 15th floor of a Soviet block – house on Alexanderplatz, it’s easy to see why.

In the Haus des Wochenendes you can party directly at the TV tower in Berlin Mitte above the rooftops of Berlin. In the former House of Travel, the club is spread over two floors. 
The roof terrace is located on the 17th floor at a height of 60 meters and offers a breathtaking view of the Berlin skyline and the nearby TV tower. The club floor is also located one floor below.

On the 15th floor, from 11 p.m. onwards, the basses boom with hip hop, RnB but also house, techno and electro music, depending on the event. Both local resident DJs and international DJs play the best dance sounds. There is a small indoor floor and in summer DJs also play on the roof terrace.

The large armored windows still tremble from the former DJs sets of Tiga, Carl Cox or Laurent Garnier, who come to fill the void when the young stars of the Berlin scene are not available!

On the roof terrace it is well possible to enjoy the view over Berlin and you have a clear view of the TV tower. 
The covered club floor is open on weekends all year round, where you can enjoy the nightclub program, DJs, cool light shows and a great party atmosphere. 
The decoration is sober but efficient. Black walls, a huge central bar, large leather benches along the walls or rather windows: wherever you are, you can admire the view!

Since the rooftop garden is equipped with heaters, you can usually go up here even in the winter, but it really blossoms in the summer months. 
There may not be much to see from the outside, but the inside is full of geometric lines and minimal chic with fantastic views over Berlin – perfect for watching the sunrise in.

Mostly from 7 pm, details on the homepage or Facebook page, means summer night themed events on the terrace, often with BBQ and always with great drinks and top atmosphere. 
With an entrance fee of 15 euros, the club is not the cheapest in Berlin, but also not the most expensive, especially since the wonderful view and the music are worth it. 
With its great location and urban chic, the rooftop garden at Haus des Wochenends is a very popular summer destination. So try to be there in time, which may also mean free entry, or reserve one of the salons on the terrace beforehand if you’re in a larger group.

Party under the stars and then in front of the rising sun: check out the photos and videos to see how fantastic it is. Already of high quality, it is then a must in Berlin.

The crowd is usually mixed, from festive tourists in their 20s to original Berliners who come to party. 
So quite cosmopolitan crowd composition, you cross shirts and heels there more often than elsewhere, but styles are by and large relaxed. Lots of handsome men and women who, being cultured, come here to hear the good sound above all. 
Although less sceney than party places like Club Der Visionäre, Tresor, Sisyphos or Berghain, the House of Weekend Club is great with quality sound. 
The perfect place to start a fun night with a breathtaking view of the skyline and then continue in the Berlin night or just head straight to the club floor below and go dancing.


The evening began at 19:00 and at 20:00 the queue was already at right angles on the sidewalk. 20 minutes later and after paying the entrance fee of 15€ we reached the elevators. 
The Week End is located on the 12th and 15th floors of the former beautifully hideous Haus des Reisens, the GDR state travel agency specializing in „No“, on the corner of Otto-Braun-Strasse. It is located directly on Alexanderplatz and is a kind of roof in Mitte in the center by the TV tower.

Once past the bouncers, we are invited to take an elevator to the 12th floorIn 
each of them a man is in charge of managing the number of people entering and the ascent and descent of the machine. 
In fact, this trendy club is located on the 12th (Electro) and 15th (Hip Hop RnB) floors of a modern glass tower where offices are located.

A look in the mirror… I’m surrounded by young men and women who stand on partly with very high shoes and whose clothes are shaped accordingly. I don’t know Berlin like this at all, I feel like I’m at the Parisian parties on the Champs Elysées. In the air you can hear a lot of English, German and a pinch of French. 
It’s not a very typical place (quite posh), but the right place to meet party people and listen to hip hop, house and sometimes techno music.

Once on the 15th floor, there are still 3 to go up to reach the terrace and the great show of the city under our feet. It was a bit chilly that evening, but blankets are provided even for those who are cold!

It is certainly one of the most beautiful panoramas I could observe. The nearby TV tower is blinking. Probably one of the best rooftop views in the city!

No crane to start the view from Prenzlauer Berg to Friedrichshain, from Potsdamer Platz to Victoria Park. 
With the Berlin monuments that can be seen on the Museum Island and Unter den Linden, and of course the Brandenburg Gate.

The pink sky gets darker and darker and takes on the colors of the night. A unique experience, even if the crowd of young, dynamic executives crowds and the music could be a little louder, but better too crowded than too empty. 
12th floor and large bay windows… even if the view is not crazy, an aerial view while clubbing is a must! It’s especially beautiful at sunrise time….

The evening goes onAs the 
evening goes on, the air and the atmosphere change, the sound volume and bass dynamics increase, the charming looks multiply. I dance and flirt automatically. 
Downstairs, on the 15th floor, the room also came to life to the rhythm of the bass. 
The heat is already quite oppressive, but the elevated seats against the walls are comfortable. Just behind them, a stream of air passes by, and you can catch a glimpse out the windows. 
The music program is mixed and the dance floor is populated in a certain percentage by tourists, as well as local men and women in evening dresses and high heels, who are visibly having a lot of fun. Hot bodies and faces, stunning and wild times, a night at the Weekend Club is rarely boring.

In short, a club where guests can party well with a magical view that makes you want to stay from sunset to sunrise. 
A very chic and touristy, but sometimes charming atmosphere and a variable music program. Trendy club and electro music with a view of Alexanderplatz. 
A great place to party in the city center. If you are the type to party in a chic ambience with one of the most beautiful views of Berlin, especially if you want to dance with or against the sunrise, then you know you are at the right place.

You should try the nightclub on a day when the terrace is open and in good weather!

Celebrate above the rooftops of the city.

Klara Korn

High above Alexanderplatz, on the 12th floor of an imposing building, is the dance floor of this disco. A location with the best terrace and view of the city at night. The dance floor is hidden inside and the bar and roof terrace are on the roof with a beautiful view of Berlin at night. The view is simply breathtaking – you can see the whole city as well as from the Reichstag dome. The crowd ranges from students to very mature and respectable people.
Tourists and locals are equally at home here. Drink prices are okay and face checks are not quite as strict. The decor and deco is simple and tasteful. And of course the music – the DJ selection is just great!
If you are young, Weekend is perfect for you, usually the age group is a bit younger than in other clubs, mostly around 18 – 30 years. The DJs playing at Weekend are the crème de la crème of the international electronic scene, from Richie Hawtin to Felix da Housecat and Moby to Fatboy Slim. On Fridays, the venue often serves up hip hop and RnB.
Make sure you have a decent outfit and look good and chances are higher that the door will open….

A few more general tips for going out: Know who’s playing. At the door of clubs, you may be asked what party you are going to or what DJ is playing that night, and if you can’t answer that question, in most cases you won’t be let in. So check the website or Facebook and Instagram before you go.
Arriving too late. Although most clubs open around 11pm, the real party starts much later. Make sure you are not drunk before you go in.
If possible, answer in German, it always arouses sympathy, even if your German is not that good.
Make sure you still look normal. Don’t wear extreme outfits, but also make sure you are not styled too preppy.
Don’t join too large groups of men. Most clubs try to keep an equal number of men and women in the club. Large groups of women are often not a good idea either, although women are admitted more easily than men.
After an extensive visit to the nightlife, it is time to visit some of the sights of the city as well. Of course, there is much more to do and see here.

A day in Berlin can be spent in a variety of ways. It really depends on where your interests lie.
I for example have lived directly in the Karl-Marx-Allee at Alexanderplatz there in the sewing there is a lot to see besides the TV tower.
This former parade street actually represents everything that was boastful about communism and the GDR, but is secretly quite beautiful. The former Stalinallee is over two kilometers long and full of hidden attractions. If you pay attention to the details of the buildings, you can still see the pride the socialist Fatherland had for its workers and peasants. Pay special attention to the decorations above the windows and doors in these Zücker-style buildings. On the north side, walk along the beautiful wide sandy path from Strausberger Platz and read the information boards. Here you will also find Kino International, the beautiful cinema from GDR times. Here you can still go to the cinema. Sometimes parties are still held in the cinema, all very close to the House of Weekend.

Around the Museum Island is the historical epicenter, with all the splendor of the imperial era. Most of the buildings on Museum Island were commissioned by Kaiser Wilhelm II. He wanted to compete with cities like London, Paris and Vienna. On Udem nesco World Heritage Museum Island are the Berlin Cathedral, the Pergamon Museum, the Bode Museum, the New Museum, the Old National Gallery and the Old Museum. The most famous museum is the Pergamon Museum, which was recently renovated and expanded to include a spectacular entrance in the form of the James Simon Gallery, named after one of the City’s most famous art collectors. You can also reach the rebuilt Berlin Palace with the Humboldt Forum there. Continue on the street Unter den Linden to the Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag, Federal Chancellery and Checkpoint Charlie.

I love to visit Kreuzberg-Friedrichshain and Boxhagener Platz in the nightlife.
Friedrichshain is a district full of contrasts. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, reunification thoroughly shook up the district. Nevertheless, it has remained a place of many contradictions. The typical Berlin character, the mix of residential and commercial, is clearly present, and this is something that the original, alternative neighborhood residents sometimes dare to grumble about today.

It is not always clear whether the typical tenements from the beginning of the 20th century or the renovated houses from the 1970s are the reason or the consequence that this neighborhood remains densely populated. It is striking that the neighborhood has very few green spaces. Boxhagener Platz, located in the heart of Friedrichshain, is the exception to the rule.

The buildings around the square are almost all renovated and a flea market is held there on weekends. But we have to admit that the charm and flair of local and spontaneous trade is gradually disappearing under the pressure of the value-seeking traveler.
Nevertheless, there are still gems to discover around Boxhagener Platz that provide the right breeding ground for art, culture and alternative gastronomy.
Right next door is Prenzlauer Berg. When this neighborhood was still part of East Berlin, it was a desolate place and it took some time for the area to be „reclaimed“. Today the area is very popular with tourists and nightlife. Besides stores and restaurants, there are also many affordable clubs and bars.
Personally, I often rent bikes to explore everything.
So, if you are cycling locally, be extra careful in traffic. Despite all that, I would recommend everyone to rent a bike or book a bike tour when visiting Berlin. After all, you get to know the city better from above and everywhere is faster by bike than on foot. However, some Dutch cycling habits are better left at home; it is forbidden and very undesirable to cycle side by side, ride on the sidewalk and sit behind each other. If you get fed up with cycling or the weather is not on your side, take advantage of the great public transport network.
The nightlife here is unparalleled, with the Weekend Club being one of the associated highlights.
Brilliantly located in a high-rise on Alexanderplatz, Weekend has earned a place as a key figure in Berlin’s club scene.
Tourists flock to the adjacent TV tower for a view of the city, but local clubbers know that the best views come at dawn, when sunlight breaks through the windows of Haus des Reisens, the former Soviet high-rise that houses Weekend.
It has expanded over the years and now has three different levels – the 12th floor with the stunning panoramic view , the 15th floor, no windows, a black box of a room with lots of LED lights and the expansive rooftop terrace that is truly a hotspot in the summer months. The successful Weekend, which is now open on the 12th and 15th floors with a rooftop bar as well, as I said, has added to Berlin’s underground rave scene and hip hop scene. A tip, if you’re an older raver, come here for their Sunday afternoon parties, that’s when all the older cool old-timers come to play.
Popular with easyJetters looking for cheap thrills, this venue hosts well-known house and techno acts – look out for spots from Tiefschwarz and Dixon of Jazzanova, British expat producer Ewan Pearson and avant-techno stars like Trentmøller, the weekend’s line up has it all.


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