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Club, Disco, Bar, Diskothek, Nightlife, Events – Berlin

Club Guide Berlin is not a party guide for nightlife events. The party guide berlin guidance in diverse nightlife of Berlin with regard to venues. The club serves as a guide here, and thus as a search engine for nightlife venues. The clubbing, or a visit to discos or nightclubs is an argument for a visit to Berlin. Much of the recent visit to Berlin is mainly for clubbing in the capital of techno. Due to the large number of nightlife clubs and bars of the capital gain, it is relatively difficult for visitors without a guide to a good overview. This is event guide to Berlin and offers multiple search options for discos, partys, bars, etc. berlin disco guide does not claim to be complete. However, we are always ready to guide the nightclub to keep up to date for Berlin. The club guide as a search engine for night clubs / discotheques is constantly expanding. The club has in its database guide locations, discos, nightclubs, lounges, bars, live events, S & M fetish clubs and bars, karaoke partys and clubs with an open air area. These can be found by various search criteria. The Nightclub can search by music genre done, by district or club type. It is also possible to combine the Event Search by music genre with the search for a particular neighborhood. In addition, a disco can also be selected directly from the location list. This gives the user the following information to make Club: Address, link (if available), event type, size, number of dance floors, opening times, played music and sometimes a description. Sometimes it is possible that a club will change its opening times and us, this is indicated. In this case we ask for your indulgence. club guide berlin keeps Clubtips ready for the visitors, who are continually expanding. In addition to the conventional Clubtip Club Info excerpts from the price list, comments and a description of experience to execute Page. club guide berlin holds under the menu organizer is a list of party organizers ready with their links to the user. This list is also regularly updated. Party Guide Berlin is not a diary, but offers a menu item called offtermine. Here are events rather than in regular clubs announced, in unusual club locations. the contact is for owners. The location operator berlin by submitting the completed contact form, the possibility of a registration of his nightclub in the disco guide to obtain. as he can using the contact form to complete his club records already registered discos or update.

The clubs of Berlins Nightlife in alphabetical order


Now to the actual clubs, which we guide the club berlin database as its source of information holds with. we go with the 12/34 means mttllerweile cooper or studio osthafen it. followed by 15th floor, 103, 1 a cozy gift 2beclub and the 90 ° / 90 degrees, 5055 and 40 seconds. It continues with the / /: about blank , a-lounge, abc-rocks, abraxas, adagio, akbalounge, astra , Audiolarium and old canteen . other clubs are starting with a old soap factory, amber suite, ambulance, Ankerklause and Annabell’s. because it is sufficiently incompatible with the a, it continues with the aqua lounge, Arcanoa, artifact, artspeicher, Aufsturz, aqua, astro-bar, or arena club arena at Halfmoon , fallout shelter, Acud, August Fengler, amadeus senses, abroad and the avastar . phew, finally, by the a. b-flat , B56, bar (glass box), bar 11, bar 103, Babylonian and badeschiff. We have not yet carried: berlin bar, beat, club, bassy , berghain, bhc or chb called black box, bangaluu, the bush , fountain 70 ballhaus x-berg, mountain grove, bastard, Breipott, bucket, black land , blond and Bergstübl represent the club to me the first letter b. But that’s not enough, because there is the, bethlehem basement, ballhaus mitte mine, ballhaus x-berg, BundesPresseStrand beach, bang bang club , barbie your hope, box and bar, berliner consulat, big eden, bka bouncy castle, beat club, bassy , Bohannon, 25 bar – only in summer, bloona, blu, blue note, keep and the butterfly. the initial letter c holds for us a whole bunch of clubs and bars ready undzwar the cafe Garbaty, cafe moskau, candy’s, chic cafe zapata in tacheles, cake, cccp, Clärchens ballhaus, cantina, casino, club 23, chip , 80db club, club contraction, caroshi bar, Carambar, caramel, cascade, Connection Club, Culture Houze, the visionary club and club dt guess what, so again not enough, but more because cocktailbar with como, Coffy, columbia fritz , compressor @ Cigarettenfabriken cookies, chip, club 103, cassiopeia, cheers karaoke berlin, cox orange, cube 838, and the comfortable club cueva buena vista. were the C-Club. followed by the clubs beginning with the letter d. since there is the dante, the house b, dark side club, dc3, Daft Pankow, deep, delicious donuts, and disco b1. a little break and now the final sprint of the d – clubs, the downtown lodge to dojo night club, disco m-berlin and dorian gray call Duncker. the input 28, dix, the eleven n and the Eschschloraque begin with the letter e. and there is currently no more than these three clubs to the first letter e are with, it goes with the far out, fritz club on post-train station, faces vcf, felix club restaurant , ballroom kreuzberg, fire bar, fire club, club fate, floating lounge, flirt, and the free float fraystil further. and the recreation center, frannz, fritz club on post, station, club and friends FROESI still belong to it. the gate-club already belongs to the category of clubs the letter g, as is the birthday club, g2 , glass house, gargoyle, glass factory gmt, bulb, gold fish, Calvary golden red golden gate,,, club lounge and the green salon gorgiel. that even with the g. threw it h following the initial letter with the Habermeyer , hector, Court 23, halli galli, hangar 18, bar, waterfront bar, havana, army bakery, Hoppetosse – a ship – and the hotel bar. icon , insomnia, intersoup and island are understaffed representatives can of i. junction is bar almost alone -, jail and Joseph. jakob kaffee burger , karma beach, Kaspar Hauser, cosmos, club times, klo, Kalkscheune, kato, Kudorfer, Kiki Blofeld, KingKongKlub and KINZO make the beginning of the k, followed by kit kat club , comfort, the club, Kudorfer republic, k17 , KulturFabrik, köpi tanzhalle knnack club, shivering art factory and the curve-star. The Las Vegas and all the other represent the l, eavesdropping as, lido, lime, club, lee harvey oswald, linden park, lion palais, lizalounge party line, lola lounge, lovelite, last cathedral, lux, Luxa the LUXOMAT and. Now everything is not much, therefore, on the final sprint to the ma baker club, magnet, Ministry of relaxation, maria am ufer, mosque, mi salsa, Maxxim, matrix medias, mfg, m12, magnus, myslivska, mosque, metronomic, ms edelweiss (ms, is for Motorship) and the Mudd Club. The Narva Lounge, nox new beans, new york, and the new Berlin Initiative, also nbi called, are the only ones for the angfangsbuchstaben n. This is also the octopussy, Oxident, Eastern Harbour, east beach, and the oxymoron of the odeon o of. palais, heavenly, pavilion , panorama bar, make the pearl in the clubs beginning with the p. followed by pepper bank, pulp mansion, phb club, partido pepper berghaus 13, polar.tv and nice and secluded private club . q3a for q. pure gold, rio, roberta, rock-it, raumklang, Rosie’s, rich and beautiful, rowing club center, rotor, roadrunner’s paradise, rich and beautiful, pink, roxy, and the red salon or salon red represented the r. and now it is really not much more. These include other things, say among safe,-t, nice weather, sanatorium 23, spooon, san remo upflamör , memory, so36, seven lounge, soda, silver wings , stella, stripes, safe, salt club, space beach, chocolate, station park salon east, salon tbilisi, Eastern Harbour, beach, center spooon, sky club, sound, Spindler & Klatt, summer camps and sophie club with the s. diving @ back factory with lots of concrete, Turbine, Thule, taboutikiroom, theater, chapel, great house, trinity, Tabou Tiki Room, The Pip’s, transformer, safe, and Ben Becker trinity t keep up the trumpet. Universum Lounge, unique lounge-music-for villa and orange, vagabonds, vel.vet or velvet, are available for the Villa Caprice v. the watergate , white club, long-eared owl, white trash, spiral, weekend, Week12end, factory 9, living room , blood-wiener, winter storage and wmf are available for the w. Yaam @ ostbahnhof, z as central, cement garden, central remote, zittypark. As luck would have it, to say the last club in the club guide berlin database also random. that was me, now he is called to the alte möbelfabrik or zmf or zyankali – freak show!


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